English, German, Norwegian
1 to 3 months (shorter stays negotiable)
Paid by host 

The program includes free stay, studio and internet access at Leveld Kunstnartun. Depending on our sponsor ECO it may be possible also to apply for a minor scholarship for young artist etc. during the stay. Please specify and explain if you apply for this scholarship which will be paid in arrears.

Paid by artist 

Travel costs, food, material, transportation, final outcome. For other types of program (mini seminars etc.), there is 5.000 nkr. pr. month fee.

Application guidelines 

Professional artists, writers, musicians, composers, designers, architects, cultural workers etc. are eligible to apply. The applicants must hold a membership in a professional organization. The selection is based on artistic merits and the quality of artistic practice. Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to master the English or German language. The program is not available for students.

There is no application form, but the application must contain: Personal data name, address, phone, mobile phone, date of birth, website/facebook if possible, membership in professional organization. Information about yourself as an artist and production. Please refer to photos, videos, publications, exhibitions etc. Curriculum Vitae. Project/work during the program in Leveld art centre. Please tell why you apply for staying at Leveld art centre.

Please send application to [email protected]


Leveld Kunstnartun

Leveld Kunstnartun

Leveld Art Centre


The program is for artists – painters, authors, musicians actors and cultural workers etc. A residence is usually for one month, but both shorter and longer time can be arranged. It is mandatory that the residents mediate their project or related topic locally by further agreement.
Young artists may also apply for financial grants, E-CO Scholarship.


It is mandatory that the residents convey their project/art or related subjects locally by exhibition, concert, lecture et al.

Accommodation Information 

The Art Centre consists of a renovated house from the 1950’ies. The house is 168 m2 and has two double sleeping rooms, one with an extra bed including bed-linen. In the basement there is a garage possible to use as un-heated workshop. Kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped. If artists-in residence are willing to share bedroom, 4-5 persons can stay for mini seminars, brainstorming et al. The house has a staircase not suitable for handicapped.

Studio Information 

There is studio space within the main house (see "accommodation information"). There is additionally a heated 20m2 bright studio including table chairs, easel, as well as the notched storehouse formerly belonging to the author Jens Bjørneboe, which has 3 rooms for inspiration, contemplation, writing etc.

Technical Information 

Internet access is provided. The artists shall bring their own materials, utensils, PC etc. themselves.


Leveld is a small village in Ål municipality, Hallingdal in the midst of mountainous Norway app. 700 m above sea-level. The small village has a special landscape with the farms pread out on the sunny side of the valley. Leveld has been nominated as a conservation area. Leveld has app. 300 inhabitants, infant school, and kindergarten. However, there is no shop in Leveld.

From the 1930’ies about twenty artists and some writers dwelled in Leveld appreciating the view and bright clean air. They stayed in the farms and became part of the community. Agnar Mykle and Jens Bjørneboe were authors staying in Leveld. The notched storehouse belonged to Jens Bjørneboe during his transformation from a scholared painter to a well-known author.

3570 Ål

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