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usually one to three weeks, although a residency stay can la
Paid by host 

WiFi, and all utilities, a Welcome Meal, Book Break (please see our website) and Leaving Meal.

Paid by artist 

The hosts keep the retreat's rates as accessible as possible to be able to accept artists and academics at all stages in their careers.

The exchange between established residents and those who are just starting out is a valuable part of the experience, for both. In order to do so, the hosts accept residents on a variety of “formulas”. They either come on paid retreats (rates range from 700 to 1395 Euro for retreats), a barter fellowship (please read the barters page on La Muse website) or as recipients of the residencies/fellowships they offer (please read the residencies/fellowships page).

Retreat Rooms: The rooms they offer to those who directly apply to La Muse range from 395 – 1395 Euros per retreat (single occupancy); this includes a one/three week long stay, use of the La Muse library, Wi-Fi, printer, the shared kitchen, dining room, the art studios, and terrace. They have three double rooms and two suites that offer a bedroom and adjoining study.

Application guidelines 

Apply by sending the hosts an application with: an approximately 250-word description of the work you hope to accomplish at La Muse, an up-to-date CV or resume, and  a one-page sample or photo of your work.

In your email application, please tell them: how you heard of the retreat, when you intend to come, and which would be your top two choices of room preferences (not for barter applicants).

After accepting the retreat guidelines and upon acceptance, we ask residents to bring two books with them (read more about this here).

In addition, the hosts also often have a space available even at the last minute (though this is less likely during the summer). So, if your life doesn’t fit into the retreats calendar, email the hosts anyway.



La Muse Retreat

La Muse Retreat


La Muse writers’ and artists’ retreat in Southern France offers you the space and time to pursue your creative work. The hosts believes that being creative invites inspiration into every area of life and is an essential part of human health and fulfillment.

Their vision for you is to find inspiration and solitude in a peaceful mountain setting while creating in the company of like-minded peers.

La Muse offers retreats to artists, writers, composers, screenwriters, musicians, academics, and many other diverse creative individuals and groups at low prices.

Retreat Structure

La Muse is a self-service establishment. The house is informal and comfortable, but a structure exists with the purpose of vigorous work and focus on a creative project. That structure consists of the house guidelines, which the hosts ask each resident to consult before applying and to consent to before agreeing to attend. The purpose of these guidelines is to support a true retreat from life back home.

Studio Information 

2 studios. The smaller studio is presently being renovated. The larger studio is a big space with lighting, electricity, and hot and cold water.

Technical Information 

La Muse retreat is as much a machine-free house as possible to enable you to clear your mental desktops and find peace and inspiration through discipline and some seclusion. The point is to disconnect in order to connect.


The house is located in a secluded, very quiet village with no distractions, save people, nature and the good food you are bound to enjoy in France. A stay here feels like a step back in time with the neighboring octogenarians still practicing subsistence farming in their retirement. The village, Labastide Esparbairenque, is situated in the Black Mountains, Montagne Noire, of the Aude region of Languedoc Roussillon in the south of France.

More info about the location here.

1, rue de la Place
11380 Labastide Esparbairenque

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