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Temporary: 1-3 months. Long-term studio rental is up to 3 ye
Paid by artist 

The studio spaces cost 100 € per month.

Application guidelines 

As new spaces become available, La Escocesa launches an open call for international artists. 

1. Requested Data:

  • name and surname
  • contact details
  • artistic discipline
  • project description and/or activity to be conducted in the space
  • time period (maximum of three years)

2. Dossier and CV:

Dossier, biography and trajectory.

A jury will choose the artists who will occupy the new spaces with a criteria of quality of their portfolio and trajectory.

La Escocesa

La Escocesa

Artist-led space in Barcelona


La Escocesa is a self-managed artistic production centre that focuses on the visual arts with the public in mind. It aims to offer resident creators and collectives a series of different spaces at affordable prices (work spaces, a multipurpose hall, material for production, promotion and international exchange) to foster their professional development and assist them in their artistic career.

La Escocesa is run by L’Associació d’Idees.

In general terms, the main objectives of La Escocesa are: the allocation of spaces at affordable prices to artists who need it, and the self-management of the space. As specific objectives of the next period of management of La Escocesa, the Associació proposes to:

  • Reach agreements with galleries and other exhibition centres to encourage the dissemination and promotion of the work of the resident artists.
  • Reach agreements with other production centres and associations related to the obtainment and use of material by the resident artists of La Escocesa.
  • Provide information on different calls, fellowships and grants for artists and art collectives.
  • Promote exchange programs with other national and international spaces.

La Escocesa is an old factory in Poblenou, a revitalized district of Barcelona, where in recent years young people and creative proffesionals are moving in.

Studio Information 

The Lower Level

The lower level comprises 8 spaces of 30 m2. The rental of these areas includes the use of a communal space for activities, and of a rear patio area for open air sculptural work. Likewise, a communal space has also been created in the interior where artists can use tools related to sculpture. One of the studio spaces of the lower level serves as a workshop for exchanges with other creation centres.

The Upper Level

On the upper level there are 12 areas of 40 m2. In addition, there is a communal kitchen and computer room for collective use.

Accommodation is not provided. La Escocesa is a work space for artists, but can host artists in need for a temporary studio space in Barcelona. For more information, please see here:


La Escocesa is located in an old factory in the vibrant district of Poblenou in Barcelona.

Carrer Pere IV 345
08020 Barcelona Badajoz

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