Ukrainian, English, Polish, German, Russian
2 to 6 weeks
Paid by host 

The program covers accommodation, studio, and provide support in establishing local contacts.

Paid by artist 

There is no artist fee. Artist covers travel, production (if needed), food allowance and all potential supplementary costs. The organization can provide a support letter to help the artists seeking funding.

Application guidelines 

Artists have to send CV, portfolio, description of the project to [email protected]. There is no application fee. Residencies take place in summer, but you can apply at any time.



Kruta Artist’s House

Kruta Artist’s House

Kruta Art Residency


Kruta Artist’s House is an artistic studio in Berezhany aimed at supporting Ukrainian artists and initiating cultural exchange for contemporary international artists.

Kruta Artist’s House is a private house and studio located in Berezhany on Kruta Street. From the beginning, the construction was planned as an artist's house and an art studio.

Kruta Art Residency is a non-commercial cultural initiative. The main purpose of the residency is to invite artists during the summer, providing them with a place to live, work and rest, also inspiring and integrating with the local environment.


Artists are not obliged to produce a project at the end of the residency. However, they will receive support with logistics and information from the program organizers.

Accommodation Information 

Private house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 studio spaces. Individual and duo applications are possible. Partners and family are welcome.

Studio Information 

The 40 m2 studio space may be used for work with "dirty" materials such as sculpture. The 10m2 studio is equipped with a working desk.

Technical Information 

Video and photo camera, tripod, mini projector. Easels for painting. Moreover, basic production/installation tools are available: drill, angle grinder, screw gun, jigsaw, polishing and buffing machines, cold saws, power plane, heat gun, glue gun, soldering iron.


The residence is located in Berezhany (Brzeżany), Ternopil region, a small town dating back to 1375. The city which is now home to about 20 thousand people has witnessed many cultural and historical changes, was a meeting place of several cultures: Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Austrian, Armenian. Rich architectural, literary and artistic heritage is represented in 4 museums of the city.

2В Kruta str

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