English, French, Swedish, Finnish
One month
Paid by artist 

The fee of 600 Euro includes single-room accommodation, studio space including wifi, use of bicycle as well as assistance before and throughout the residency period. Exhibition space is available free of charge. Add to this the cost for meals for one month 400-500 Euro, travel from airport including one night's accommodation 100 euro.

Application guidelines 

Application by email should include project proposal and link to works online (or submit maximum 2 relevant works).


Kristinestad Artists' Residency

Kristinestad Artists' Residency


The Kristinestad Residency is a joint project between the local art and craft associations Yelema, Spectra and Hemslöjdsgården and the municipality. The emphasis is on cultural immersion and interaction with the local community. The residency is rooted in the local community, and the natural and cultural environment including craft traditions that can serve as sources of inspiration for work. Reflection on issues and practices that are central to the local and Finnish context is encouraged. Both retreat-like contemplation and concentration and community-centered projects are feasible. The organisers will facilitate collaboration with local schools and associations. 


Exhibitions or workshops welcome but not compulsory.

Accommodation Information 

Single-room accommodation with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Three options at close distance to the studios, all in traditional wooden buildings.

Studio Information 

At the art association, two individual studios (12m2) and one shared studio (20m2), with desks and storage, textile dyeing and woodworking equipment as well as exhibition space. At the craft association, large shared workspaces with desks, looms and ceramics facilities.

c/o Spectra, Skolgatan 10
64100 Kristinestad

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