from 1 to 3 months
Paid by artist 

700 euro per month




The Kouluniemi Artist Residence is in the former Laitiala Village School on the shore of Lake Puula and is best suited for writers, musicians, researchers and photographers. The residence is available throughout the year. The property includes two spacious classrooms, one of which is a so-called music library. The second classroom has been left empty so that each artist can create an environment to suit his or her wishes and needs. The classroom can be turned into a painter's studio, for example.

Accommodation Information 

There is a studio apartment, a one bedroom apartment and a two bedroom apartment. Each unit has a well equipped private kitchen, a toilet or a bathroom and a television set.


Kouluniemi is located in the village of Laitiala, 8 km from downtown Kangasniemi, in a peaceful place on the shore of Lake Puula.

Suomäentie 69
51200 Kangasniemi

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