English, Dutch, German, French
2 to 6 weeks
Paid by host 

Transport from/to Fionnphort bus station at day of arrival and departure and once a week for groceries. Daily baked bread, eggs from their chickens and wood for the stoves.

Paid by artist 

Rent (30 £ per day), travel costs, food and material costs.

Application guidelines 

To apply send a proposal of maximum 1000 words, an updated cv and a portfolio that gives an overview of the development in your work over the last 3 years. Next to a description of your research and its presumed outcome, your proposal should contain the following:

  • Subject of interest on the Ross of Mull.
  • Possible collaborators and/or institutions of interest.
  • Duration of stay & preferred dates.
  • A first idea for a public presentation (this can be anything from a talk to a workshop or short exhibition).
  • Contact details: home address, phone number, email & skype.
  • A portfolio and working plan should be sent to [email protected] by WeTransfer and cannot exceed 25MB.

Note that they cannot take incomplete applications into consideration. They will try to inform all applicants about the final outcome within 6 weeks.

Knockvologan Studies

Knockvologan Studies

Knockvologan Studies residency program


Knockvologan Studies conducts a steady stream of small and large scale innovative, collaborative and experimental projects, as well as lectures and workshops. All are inspired by, embedded in or entangled with the landscape around. A landscape, looked at through different eyes, worked with and mapped out in omnifarious and sensory ways, will grant new insights and outlooks, generate stories and offer possibilities for a more sustainable relationship between humans and their habitat. 

From April until October, the residency is open for proposals. The goal is to facilitate a wide range of projects which, one way or another, have in common that they are inspired by and investigate the relationship between humans and their natural environment. By conducting and facilitating a broad scope of experiments and researches, Knockvologan Studies aims to build a colourful and multifaceted vision of the land. By bringing together local knowledge and incoming expertise, they hope to contribute to both the natural and cultural richness of the area.
Knockvologan Studies welcomes residents working in various fields (visual art, performing arts, film, photography, literature, music, architecture, design, human - and natural science).


Artist talk at the beginning and near the end of the residency.

Accommodation Information 

They provide a single room tiny house and a larger studio. Both with a splendid view, private toilet and shower.

Studio Information 

The studio is a purpose designed and self build 25m2 well insulated space inside of the old barns. It does not have any technical facilities but has great daylight.


Knockvologan is situated on the south west tip of the ‘Ross’ of the Isle of Mull, one of the larger Hebridean islands on the west coast of Scotland. 
Right besides the studio starts the path leading into the Tireragan (re-wilding) estate. The estate comprises 625 hectares of wild rugged land running along the Atlantic coast. It is unusually remote and difficult to access even by Mull standards.

2 Knockvologan
United Kingdom

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