English, Nepali
1 week - 1 year
Paid by host 

Stipends available for Nepali artists.

Paid by artist 

studio, accommodation, travel and subsistence costs

Application guidelines 

KCAC welcome direct applications from international artists and researchers to rent one of their three studios based in the Patan Museum. For information on cost, availability and how to apply, please contact: [email protected]

To apply by email please attach: 

  • your CV
  • 10 images of recent work 
  • a statement of intent

Please ensure the subject line of the email clearly states your name & media e.g. painting, sculpture, video etc.



Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre

Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre



Established in 2010 as Nepal’s first international contemporary arts centre, KCAC facilitates dialogue and exchange opportunities for Nepali and international artists. They promote the development of high quality artworks and experimentation within a diverse range of media, helping develop new ways of thinking beyond the religious, economic, ethnic and political divisions in Nepal. It helps foster links between artists and the local community and creates a platform for critical discourse and interaction between artists from Nepal and the rest of the world.

KCAC sponsor up to four Nepali artists a year on a six-month scholarship programme, providing studio space and materials, culminating in a catalogued exhibition. 

KCAC fund this scholarship programme through their international residency scheme, in which they welcome direct applications from international artists and researchers to rent one of their three studios based in the Patan Museum. They also provide advice and information to those wishing to come to Kathmandu for research (NB KCAC only fund Nepali artists).

In addition, KCAC has launched the FPAFA-KCAC PATAN MUSEUM RESIDENCY program for Members of the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Adademy of Fine Arts. Details can be found here:

Accommodation Information 

KCAC arranges accommodation for you with options ranging from renting private flats to staying with Host families. KCAC charges a very small admin fee for this service.

Studio Information 

KCAC have three studios based in the Patan Museum, the largest being the Garden studio which is located within the museum grounds, as well as two smaller East and West studios that are based within the Museum itself. 

All studios have access to running water and electricity.


KCAC is in the garden of the Patan Museum which is in Durbar Square, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre,
Patan Museum, Durbar Square
Office 30,
235 Earls Court Road
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7789 351144 | +977 1-5544880

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