Dutch, English
1948 / Residency program since 1978
6 to 12 months
Paid by host 
  • Stipend: You receive a monthly stipend of €900. From this you will have to deduct rent and living costs. Renting a room amounts to €350 - €500 a month. The rest of the stipend is meant to support yourself. It is the Van Eyck's estimate that it takes an additional €300 - €450 a month to attain an acceptable standard of living.
  • Production budget of €2,000 per year
Paid by artist 

Enrollment cost, travel, accommodation. Prior to your stay at the academy you are required to pay a personal contribution. The costs of being enrolled amounts to €2,750 at a yearly basis. 

Application guidelines 

Everything about the Jan van Eyck Academie, application procedure, fee, annual contribution, stipend, living accommodation, residence permit etc. can be found on their website. The registration fee is €65.



7th November for The Vroman Fellowship

Van Eyck Academie

Van Eyck Academie


The Van Eyck is a post academic institute that has turned into an international multiform organization for fine art, design, and reflection. It is a multidisciplinary institute that furthers experiment, research, study, production and exchange. In this institute, artists, designers and curators are given the time and space that is needed to develop their talents, to discover as yet unexplored perspectives and delve into deeper layers of their selves.

At the Van Eyck you have a studio of your own to write proposals, work on your project, investigate. In the Institute's view, the studio equals the classic vita contemplativa. The programme stands for the vita activa. Both are correlated and as such strike a perfect balance. The generic programme consists of regular studio visits by advisors and guest, of lectures, debates and presentations. The specific programmes comprise what happens in the Labs, the In-Labs, the Mirror Lab and what you individually contribute and develop. Leitmotif of the annual programme is set by the artistic and content-related needs of the participants.

The Van Eyck offers places to ca. 40 participants on an annual basis. The duration of the residency ranges from six up to twelve months, depending on individual proposals and wishes. After due consideration an extension can be granted. 

Current open call: The Van Eyck and the Vroman Foundation jointly offer a Fellowship in the form of a 6-month residency at the Van Eyck. The Vroman Fellowship is open to an artist, designer, writer or other maker whose area of creative activity straddles the border between art and science ‒ in the spirit of the polymath Leo Vroman (1915-2014). The Vroman Fellow will work at the Van Eyck during the half-year April-September 2018, in the company of 35 – 40 other participants (artists, designers, architects, curators).

The Vroman Fellow will enjoy the use of an individual studio and an apartment. The Van Eyck also provides studio visits by staff and guest mentors; the use of well-equipped Labs (printing & publishing, photography/new media, woodwork, metalwork, nature research and a library; collaborative projects with partners from the public, scientific and artistic realms; a public programme of lectures, events, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. During the residency period, the Vroman Fellow is expected to create new work with palpable cross-disciplinary qualities. A public presentation of the work is part of the residency period.


Exhibition, catalogue.

Accommodation Information 

Van Eyck can help you find accommodation in Maastricht. It is compulsory to live in or near Maastricht during your stay at the Van Eyck. 

Studio Information 

The Van Eyck boasts well-fitted Labs (a wood and metal, a print lab, photography and video studio, a library, run by competent experts) an auditorium, gallery spaces and a café-restaurant. The facilities are available to participants and all interested parties. The comings and goings of visitors and Lab users provide ample opportunities for interesting encounters.


The Van Eyck institute is situated in the historical city centre of Maastricht, the Netherlands, at the heart of the Euregion and occupies a monumental modernist building designed by architect Peutz. The renovation works that were concluded in early 2013 have made the special qualities of the building even more prominent; the building feels more spacious, lighter and more open than ever. Simultaneous with the renovation three gardens were laid out, one of which is a vegetable garden. They reinforce the urban-cum-Arcadian feel of the Van Eyck.

Academieplein 1
6211KM Maastricht
+31 43 3503737
+31 43 3503799

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