English, Russian, Ukrainian
8 weeks
Paid by host 
  • Travel
  • accommodation
  • Stipend for living and production expenses
  • Simple studio space (more information on request)
  • Support by local volunteer-assistants
  • Exhibition as the concluding stage of the program


Application guidelines 

The applicants are asked to submit a project proposal based on one or more of the keywords in the context of ‘architecture’ and the site, together with a data visualization concept for the study idea.


Open call once per year



Platform for Cultural Initiatives


IZOLYATSIA is pleased to announce its annual residence program, this time focusing on the architectural context. IZOLYATSIA is now accepting proposals from architects, artists, data visualizers and scientists wanting to explore the notion of architecture via the prism of inventive interventions within the urban context. The project seeks to assemble an international mix of creative individuals, ready to collaborate on new ways of ‘living’ in the 21st century. 
For the Summer 2015 program, Eastern Ukraine is chosen as a case study and the network of cities adjacent to but not within the war zone. The program is designed to raise social awareness, through physical and digital interventions. We are looking for all forms of creative expression that would in one way or another improve the lives of the people in these cities. Nevertheless, the residency workshop period is that of a collective effort. 
The residency will be hosted in IZOLYATSIA's site in Kyiv, but throughout the eight-week period, frequent research trips, reviews, events, lectures and workshops will take place. The data collected and analysed will reveal and define the scope of the proposals. Participants are asked to take a step back, study and gather data on the makeup of the urban conurbation and to investigate an aspect of social ‘fabric’ or ‘phenomena’. Careful examination of all of the layers will reveal the immense complexity of an urban system. The residency program provides the logistical framework in partnership with educational and cultural establishments. Understanding the context in a holistic way provides the necessary setting for an unexpected positive ‘thought shift’. The final proposals or systems shall be built or established through classical or digital fabrication methods.

Full description of the residency here. (PDF)



Accommodation Information 

Communal accommodation (B&B, each resident has his/her own room and shower/toilet facilities) within easy reach to IZOLYATSIA


Situated in the industrial outskirts of Donetsk, surrounded by numerous factories, some of which are still active. A breathtaking view of the industrial kingdom can be observed from the top of the slag-heap (terrikon), which stands adjacent to the numerous IZO-warehouses - now homes to site-specific contemporary art projects, some of which have become permanent fixtures. 

3 Svitlogo Puti
+380 50 477 26 20

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