Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
1 to 2 months. Shorter (2 weeks min) is possible.
Paid by host 

Water, electricity, heating, gas for the kitchen, bed linen, internet. Glosoli commitee support and artistic consulting, when desired by the artist in residency.

Paid by artist 

Visa, medical assistance, travel to Ivrea and back, food, washing machine, internet USB, washing machine (3€/each) every supply for personal work and daily life, a mandatory fee to become a member and join the Associazione Culturale Glosolì and for the accommodation. E-mail for details.

Application guidelines 

The evaluation commitee composed by the cultural association Glosoli, Kunsthaus, music studio-Ivrea Jazz Club will evaluate the artists who will send this info:

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. link and pictures to recent work;
  3. Your specific project (we prefer if related to our territory culture); it can be a new one or a work in progress.
  4. chosen or desired period of residency

Languages accepted: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. send everything to: [email protected]om

Please keep in mind that the house is a no-smoking place.


E-mail for deadlines
reharsal space

Glosolì international residency for artists

Glosolì international residency for artists

Glosolì IRA


“L’anima danza!” 
Glosolì comes from a Sigur Ros song that reminds of the glowing of the sun, soul and beauty. Glosolì is a space for artists, different art forms, dance and afro contemporary dance in particular. It’s a home for artistic research and cultural and artistic métissage, where an art connected to nature is developed and encouraged.

Glosolì is mostly a residency dedicated to creation and choreography, mainly dance/music shows and performances related to the cultural métissage and exchange, but also a place open to performers, yoga practitioners, visual artists, video artists, photographers, contemporary artists, musicians, actors, new media and for art social projects. The artistic committee cooperates with “Glosolì” cultural association who’s aims are the merging of different art forms and different cultures and environment.

Roberta Tirassa, the Director of the residency, is an international dancer and choreographer of afro contemporary dance; her actual artistic researches are connected to cultural métissage, the feminine, divinities and archetypes in everybody, flowers. And most of all a merging of dance and nature and/or in the nature. As she graduated as an environmental engineer, and has a passion for mountaineering skying and hiking, she or the house colleagues can also accompany any guest in a visit/walks in the near countryside, wonderful lakes (Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea) and mountains (Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta), finding amazing locations for the artistic work or simply for tourism.

As Roberta also personally practice various forms of holistic healing, in an effort to honor the organic connection between body, mind and spirit, some of the activities of Glosolì are dedicated to it.

Glosolì is also the space for the Compagnia Roberta Tirassa of afro contemporary dance and for the cultural association Glosolì. There is a partnership among Ass. Glosolì and the Association Transcendance-afro contemporary dance of Gujan Mestras in France.

The residency is in connection with the art gallery “Kunsthaus” of Ivrea which is part of the technical committee for contemporary art, and Music Studio-Ivrea jazz Club for music, Associazione Naturalp for excursions in the nature. 
In Ivrea and Canavese twice a year a big international Jazz Festival, open to a fusion of different art forms is organized and can be an interesting cultural moment. Glosolì may also suggest other dance schools, art galleries in town.

Glosolì is also a Bed and Breakfast and it’s a no smoking place.


Presentation of artist’s works may be arranged case by case in cooperation with the events and venues in town.

Accommodation Information 

One single room and a double one with 2 separate beds. Rooms have wooden parquet, view to the Teatro Giacosa and table for work and ar new. Artists must participate in the cleaning. Everyone is responsible for his own life in respect of the others.

Studio Information 

One 65 m2 dance studio good for contemporary dance and floor work and on summer the courtyard can be used for contemporary art works. Every artists can use the studio according to a common schedule

Technical Information 

Glosolì offers the opportunity to artists in residency to participate to the cultural activities of the house such as workshops, conferences, performances and exhibitions and has the committee’s support, for artistic works. The dance studio is equipped for performances, exhibitions, workshops and conferences.


The residency is located in a silent space in the historic centre of Ivrea (Torino), in front of the Teatro Giacosa, the main theatre built in 1834.

Ivrea is in the Anfiteatro Morenico of Ivrea, a landscape of mountains, lakes and woods, just one hour from Torino and Aosta. The old town is quiet and tiny, it was the headquarters of the Olivetti computer company, which used to be an avant-guard company with an open interest for art, architecture, music, social development, environment and respect for the work. There is an open museum of Olivetti company’s architectures: and There is a beautiful museum of contemporary art Museo della Carale,

Besides that, the Historic Carnival is unique in the world, with it’s famous “battle of the oranges” and can be exploited from an artistic point of view too,

Ivrea is located in the Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea and his 5 lakes: a moraine landscape, left by the glaciers in the Quaternary, full of amazing lakes, woods, hills and at the feet of the mountains. It’s really close by car or train to Aosta Valley and its castles and Alps landscape or the town of Aosta or the museum Forte di Bard and just 40 Km far from the intellectual town of Torino and 2 hours from Milano. 

Piazza del Teatro 3
10015 Ivrea TO
0039 3470194780

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