Russian & English
1 week up to 3 months
Paid by host 

They do not provide any grants but they provide support for guide and invitation for applying visa.

Paid by artist 

Artists are responsible for all expenses for residency period: transport, food, accommodation, materials and other costs.

Application guidelines 

Fabrika is welcome artists from the following disciplines: visual arts, sculpture, media, theater, contemporary dance, and criticism. For information and to apply, please write to [email protected]






The Center for Creative Industries (CCI) FABRIKA was founded in 2005 at the premises of the technical paper factory “October” in the middle of 90s industrial privatization. The factory is situated on the eastside edge of Moscow’s historical center. Now it is well-known independent not-for-profit contemporary visual art and creative industries. Its vast exhibition venues constantly stage different cultural events and it's an ideal space for the scientific and practical research of the Moscow art systems, approaches, management and environment. It has more than 700 square meters of exhibition spaces, international residency, and 1000 square meters of venue space destined to accommodate diverse cultural and social events such as dance, theatre and music concerts. Originally designed to present a program of collective exhibitions, the project is now committed to promoting cultural and intellectual diversity through the presentation of international contemporary art and culture. The center's activity is devoted towards inspiring thought and creativity whilst simultaneously stimulating public curiosity about contemporary art, thereby contributing towards developing the cultural identity of 21st century Moscow. They focus on young emerging artists’ support, creating new cultural landscape and developing social engaged projects. Since 2008 this residency was visited by a variety of artists from different countries: Europe, America, Australia, Europe, Japan, Canada, France, and others. In 2008 the center became a member of Trans Europe Halls (European network of independent culture centers). 


Presentation of the guest's project in the end of staying is an option.

Accommodation Information 

They have one-five guest specially designed shared apartment located in FABRIKA combining the functions of living quarters and studio, with a kitchen and Internet access to accommodate artists working on residency base or participants of the center’s events. 

Studio Information 

There is an available studio for working in the disciplines of visual arts and sculpture.

Perevedenovsky 18
Russian Federation
+7 (499) 265 39 26
+7 (499) 265 03 18

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