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Work Holiday: 7 days / Independent AiR: open
Paid by host 

Work Holiday: material, pr, accommodation, consultation, production, presentation

Paid by artist 

Independent residency

Application guidelines 

Work Holiday: [email protected]
Independent residencies: [email protected]




Extrapool is a venue and art space based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Extrapool shows a diversity in sound art, performance art, short exhibitions and high quality printed matter. Concerts, workshops, screenings and book presentations are organized on a regular basis with a special focus on artists without extensive distribution networks or who operate in the margins of the art and music scene. The events of Extrapool are informal and intimate, distinctive and always with a sense of play.

Knust is the graphic department within Extrapool. Knust offers a print workshop with bookbinding facilities, and is specialized in the stencilprinting technique since 1984, also known as Risograph or mimeograph printing. The print workspace is founded and organized by and for artists, and offers stencilprint services in a reasonable editions for a reasonable price. DIY based projects are also an option. Furthermore, Knust manages a DIY print workspace in collaboration with Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier in Amsterdam.

Additionally Knust self publishes and facilitates an ongoing residency program within Extrapool:

- Art Prison: an artist is invited to make a stencilprinted publication with Knust within a period of 14 days.
- Work Holiday: an artist can send in a proposal for a stencilprinted book to realize within a period of 7 days.

The Art Prison residency is only by invitation, the Work Holiday residency is on open call. Knust/Extrapool aims to realize two of each of these residencies a year.

The program of Extrapool is diverse and continuously changing. In the recent past there have been sound residencies (such as Brombron and Hausse) in Extrapool as well as art residencies (such as Deelstaat). In addition Extrapool and Knust are open to project proposals and residency proposals from artists who would like to independently and privately make use of the studio, venue space or print workspace. All in consultation with the team of Extrapool.


Work Holiday: publication, artist talk, presentation
Independent residency: open

Accommodation Information 

There are two guestrooms in Extrapool on the topfloor, with multiple 'bedstee's' designed by artists and one shared kitchen and bathroom, and a large balcony with a skyline view of Nijmegen.

Studio Information 

Venue space, Sound studio, Print workspace

Tweede Walstraat 5
6511 LN Nijmegen
+31 24 3888234
+31 24 3601811

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