Visual Arts
English, Portugues, French
6 weeks
Paid by host 
  • With a budget of 1000 euros of production for the period of residence (under condition of obtaining subsidy)
  • Accommodation in an artist's workshop 
  • A transportation allowance (reimbursement of actual costs on presentation of invoices).
Paid by artist 

Food costs.

Application guidelines 

Applications must be sent before the 15th of FEBRUARY 2020 in digital format in PDF format only, the application must be translated into English or must include at least a summary in English. The application must be composed of:

  • A representative portfolio of the artist's approach and work (max 20 pages / 3.5 Mo); The file must be named 00 +name of the artist+ artisticfile.
  • A summary notes of intention presenting a specific project in relation to the thematic and the philosophical direction of the ECHANGEUR22 residence: MOBILITY. File must be named 01+artist name+ intentnote.
  • A summary bio with the artist's contact information. The file must be named 02+artist name+ cv.
  • Web links for sites and videos.

As the jury examining the application is international it is strongly recommended to attach a summary in English or an English version. Please note that the decision of the committee and the content of the deliberations will be kept secret, the decisions of the jury will not be subject to appeal. To send your application and for any information: [email protected].


echangeur22 résidence artistique

echangeur22 résidence artistique


ECHANGEUR22 is a non-profit association that supports emerging contemporary artists along with a residency programme that aims to bring together artists from different countries and cultures, with a focus on encouraging artistic encounters. The objective of the residency is to encourage artists to create or experiment together. It offers them technical and financial means to test, produce and develop new ideas with a transcultural dimension, while establishing strong links with the host
The residency: Since 2015, the ECHANGEUR22 residence has had the opportunity to welcome more than a hundred artists from Europe, Brazil, Japan and South Korea and to organize circulation projects between these 4 countries. ECHANGEUR22 launches today its 6th edition of artistic residency. This call is addressed to artists of all mediums, without age limit. L'ECHANGEUR22 will host simultaneously

  • One French artist
  • One Japanese artist
  • One Brazilian artist
  • Three South Korean artists Living and working in Daejeon

Residencies focusing on creation and experimentation provide artists or groups of artists from different cultures and disciplines with technical means to create and produce new art, conduct original research, and engage with the public through presentations that showcase the various stages of the creative process leading up to a finished work.

Theme: Mobility - During the residency, artists will be asked to question their own work according to the notion of circulation and mobility in art.


Once selected, the reciprocal commitments between the association and the residents will be determined by a convention. Resident contributions:

  • To present his work, at the beginning of the stay
  • To take part of a workshop project (half-day participatory workshop), during the stay
  • To participate in an open-studio day at the end of residence
  • An exhibition can be proposed
Accommodation Information 
  • 6 rooms
  • 3 individuals rooms in situ with individual bath room and studio
  • 2 common studios
  • 1 summer kitchen
  • garden + pool
  • 1 apartment ( 100m from the residency): 3 rooms + 2 bathrooms + kitchen

They can host working duos but not families.

Studio Information 

5 studios:

  • complete serigraphy studio
  • complete ceramic studio (kilns and potter's wheel )
  • complete painting studio
  • complete photo and video studio
  • various tools
Technical Information 

Computer + printers and internet.
The association provides regular support to each artist by accompanying him in the follow-up of production. It informs it of the cultural resources (festivals, foundations, museums) and material resources (specificities of the productions) of the region and facilitates access to it. It offers regular meetings with the curators: Viviana Birolli (fr), Tamura Masashimi (jp), Keyna Eleison (br). Technical assistance can be envisaged within the limits of the means of the structure.

9 place Adolphe Touranche

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