English, Spanish, French, Italian
2 months
Paid by host 
  • Reimbursement of travel costs (economy class) up to € 350.00 within Europe, and up to € 800.00 if you travel from outside Europe to Munich.
  • A monthly grant of € 1,200.00 per person.
  • A monthly ticket for public transportation in Munich.
Application guidelines 

Please send your application to [email protected] with the following documents in German or English (as a PDF file, exclusively):

  • A statement about you and your art.
  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • Your portfolio / organized image material, text samples, or radio play samples, etc.

Specifications on the desired dates (see above, either Period A or B). If you are flexible in terms of dates, you can apply for both periods, or list your priorities (an addition is not allowed).


Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich

Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich

Artist in Residence Munich


The City of Munich and their program ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH with its two residences Villa Waldberta and Ebenböckhaus stand for openness, encounters, and exchanges between people from all over the world.

With this call for applications, ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH offers international artists from all genres the opportunity to work and stay at Villa Waldberta. There they can develop concepts, exchange ideas and thoughts with other guest artists, initiate projects, and introduce themselves and make presentations to the general public as part of events. They support the guest artists with introductions to the art scene in Munich and networking with local persons who are active in the art and culture scenes. In the ideal case, this could result in building or strengthening enduring work relationships.

  • Period A: August 4 – September 28, 2021
  • Period B: November 3 – December 28, 2021

Professional artists from all genres with a residence outside of the State of Bavaria can apply. They welcome applications from persons of all nationalities, religions, sexual identities, age groups, and social backgrounds. They also look forward to receiving applications from persons with disabilities; as Villa Waldberta is not barrier-free, if need be thery would request that you contact them in advance in order to clarify the availability of the necessary infrastructure, and, when required, to find individual, tailored solutions.


The willingness to work together with the other guest artists, with the ARTIST IN RESIDENCE MUNICH team, and with their partners in the art and cultural fields in Munich. The willingness to participate in events open to the general public.

Accommodation Information 

One rent-free apartment per person with its own kitchen and bathroom at Villa Waldberta.

Studio Information 

A studio, and the availability of exhibition space (the "Palmenhaus" – the Palm House).


The villa is situated on the hillside, overlooks the lake Starnberg and and has an extraordinary view on the Bavarian Alps. Built in 1902, the villa is surrounded by its own large wooded gardens. Feldafing is a small town approx. 30 km south of Munich and can be reached easily by public transport.

AIR-M Villa Waldberta
Höhenbergstraße 25
82340 Feldafing
Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich
Burgstraße 4
80331 Munich

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