Visual Arts Research Curating
Italian, English
6 to 8 weeks
Paid by artist 
  • € 260 per month both for the 56 and the 35 m2 rooms
  • € 200 per month for the 18 m2 room 

The fee covers organisational and management costs, the expenses of advertising and promotion. The fee includes: a private studio, the use of the kitchen, wi-fi, bills (electricity, heating and water use, maintenance), reception service, technical assistance in the ordinary management of the space, curatorial support, assistance in the production, help in organising appointments with art professionals,communication and press office service, photographic documentation, technical assistance in setting up the studio, participation in curatorial projects in partnership with Cripta747 Studio Programme. IMPORTANT: a 15% discount is reserved for artists not represented by a gallery, independent curators and researchers, students. If you are eligible for the discount, Studio service fee is € 220 per month both for the 56 and the 35 m2 rooms / € 170 per month for the 18 m2 room.

Cripta747 Studio Programme does not include accommodations, living expenses are to be entirely covered by the participating artists.

Application guidelines 

Candidates are invited to:

Cripta747 may contact the applicants to require additional information supporting of the proposal or for organisational and management issues. Due to the large amount of submissions, Cripta747’s staff may propose to the candidates a change of months. 




CRIPTA747 Residency Programme


From 2017 Cripta747 has ran a Studio Programme to promote the international mobility, the stay in the town of artists from all over the world and the growth of the city’s cultural fabric. Every year they make available 3 studios to artists, curators and researchers who want to spend a period of work and production in Turin. Cripta747 Studio Programme supports all aspects of contemporary art production with particular attentiveness to research and development. It offers a workspace in a context that favours dialogue and pair exchange of ideas and skills between visual arts and other expressive languages.

Cripta747 Studio Programme is influenced by the area’s rich heritage of craft. The proximity to artisanal workshops, family run manufacturing factories and small innovative companies present in the neighbourhood actively contribute to create a stimulating environment and an experimental production approach. In addition to the Cripta747’s team, tutors follow artists’ research and production through meetings, critical conversations, interviews, studio visits, workshops and guided tours. Tutors role is to give a plurality of point of views about present scenarios, giving the artists involved new opportunity of exchange and discussion around their work. Cripta747 organises open studios, which give the opportunity to engage artists directly with audience, to test out new ideas and processes developed during the residency in studio. 


Fellows in residency are invited to present the work developed in Turin through an open studio and a public event. Cripta747 encourages a spirit of openness in the programme’s on-going activities, through participation programmes and public events.

  • OPEN STUDIO: in the first week of November, during the Contemporary art Week and Artissima Fair, there is the open studio. The opening of places dedicated to artistic production offers to public, as well as the artists involved, the unique opportunity to see and discuss issues and processes related to the research carried out in the months of residence.
  • PUBLIC EVENT: The organizers also ask the residents to think out and plan an event such as a talk, a workshop, a screening, a lecture or a conference, realized during their residency with the support of Cripta747’s staff, to directly engage the audience. 
Studio Information 

2 studios of 35 m2 and 56 m2 inside Cripta747’s venue. Each studio - 56m2, 35m2 - consists of a single room on the ground floor with different characteristics that make it suitable for various kinds of practices and production. All spaces are accessible 24/7. The structure has got a kitchen, a living area, a bathroom, storage for works and technical materials. Each room is provided with autonomous heating and wi-fi. 


The Residency Programme takes place at CRIPTA747's headquarters, an industrial building located in Barriera di Milano, a working-class neighbourhood that holds together different souls, such as art insititutions, clubbing, social projects and craft.

Via Quittengo 41b
10154 Torino TO

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