English, Thai and German
2 weeks - 3 months
Paid by artist 

30.000 THB (ca. 660 euro) per month. The residency fee covers the cost for accommodation, studio, 3 main meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), transportation to/from Chiang Mai International airport, local tours and bicycle, a part-time assistant and an English-Thai translator.

Application guidelines 

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Description of the organisation:

ComPeung (คำเปิง), combining the two words com (a remark) and peung (appropriate), derives from Northern Thai Lanna language. Their vision and mission for ComPeung are to create those appropriate remarks, suitable to the situations, environments, and communities we deal with. Since July 2005 and with the support of the residing artists, the creative community, their friends and families, the idea of ComPeung has become a lived reality. As the first non-government artist-in-residence programme in Thailand, the ComPeung Team aspires to live up to the truest sense of the meaning of ComPeung.

ComPeung aims to be an open platform for dialogues, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiments, exploring the interdependence between art, artists and society with our three main focuses are: environment, community, and change.

Description of the residency programme:

As an evolving art project, ComPeung encourages artists, friends, communities, and others to explore and discover - not only new ideas, techniques, and networks, but also themselves as human beings though the process of creative activities and everyday living.
ComPeung aims to be an open space for dialogues, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiments, and exploring the interdependence between art, artists and society.
For artists who need time away from regular commitments to finish current projects, to reflect on their practice, or to explore and develop new works, ComPeung is the ideal place to do so. In an unregimented and relaxed atmosphere, artists have the freedom to focus on their work without having to worry about daily routines such as preparing meals. By working and living together in basic yet comfortable conditions with their team, the local community, and a diverse group of artists, they hope this will inspire and challenge people to explore possibilities and dreams.
ComPeung offers genuine hospitality with fresh daily produce from the local market for delicious home-cooked meals, assistance where needed, and provides all the necessities for living in a semi-rural, tropical area.
Possibilities exist to install site-specific work – either in nature, public space, or private properties - work with local people on community-based projects, collaborate with Thai artists and other international resident artists, or simply get inspired by the unfamiliar environment and working with unfamiliar materials.
Accommodation Information 
  • Main earthen house with shared kitchen and attached bathroom.
  • Artist house No.1 with a basic bedroom, private bathroom, indoor and outdoor studio spaces.
  • Artist house No.2 with 1 maisonette bedroom, 1 small bedroom downstairs, spacious private bathroom, indoor and outdoor working spaces.
  • Electric fans, mosquito nets.
Studio Information 
  • Approximate area of 2.8 acres near natural fishing lakes, forest and mountains.
Technical Information 
  • Multi-function outdoor space for performing artists, 5 x 10 m with projection screens and projector.
  • Industrial fan, a variety of manual and electric tools.
  • Running water. 220 volt electricity.
  • Good mobile phone reception.
  • Internet access (Wifi, download/upload: 10M/512K).

ComPeung is located in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand. Despite just being 20 km northeast of the city of Chiang Mai, Doi Saket has escaped the tourism trap so far. Due to its position Doi Saket is also the gateway to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle. With diverse local and ethnic communities traditional northern everyday culture is still very much alive in Doi Saket.

Not only the ComPeung site itself but various sites in its neighborhood and in Doi Saket, such as the lakes, the temples or the local market offer great opportunities to engage with the unique locality and the local community.

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269 M.12 Cherngdoi,
Chiang Mai

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