French - English
2 - 12 months
Paid by host 

If your residency is supported by a partner of the Cité internationale des arts, you will receive financial support from this partner.

Paid by artist 

In 2020, the monthly charges ranged from € 581 to € 886 depending on the size of the studio (between 25 m2 and 60 m2). A deposit corresponding to the amount of the monthly charge is payable two month before arrival. It is returned at the end of the residence, after inventory. Any cancellation less than one month before the planned date of the residency will give rise to the invoicing of one month’s charges.

Residents may have visitors to stay, either one adult (+ € 162 per month) and/or a child under 7 (+ € 119 per month).

Application guidelines 
  • Direct applications are possible online and are assessed by an independent committee and twice a year (Spring and Fall). The application fee is 32 € including VAT.
  • The Institut Français is providing residencies yearly at the Cité. This works based on the suggestion of the services of French Institutes, Alliances or cultural services of Embassies abroad. Read more here.
  • Applications through their 135 partners are possible, please be on the lookout for such opportunities

Cité internationale des arts

Cité internationale des arts


Every since the Cité internationale des arts was founded in 1965, artists have been coming from all over the world to take part in their artist-in-residence programmes. The Cité encourages cross-cultural dialogue and provides a place where artists can meet with their public and other professionals. 

The Cité internationale des arts is located on two separate sites; the first is in Paris’ Marais district and the second in Montmartre. Every month, in partnership with 135 French and international organisations, the Cité’s two complementary sites welcome more than 300 artists from a wide range of disciplines for residencies lasting up to 1 year.


The artist are welcomed in residence on a basis where freedom prevails: no obligation to make a restitution at the end of her or his residency, but she/he can consider making an Open Studio (or more if the work is more complete). Cité internationale des arts allows the artist to present her/his work through concerts, exhibitions, shows, screenings, etc. 
The Auditorium (128 seats, with good acoustics), the common areas and the workshop-accommodation itself allow it.

Accommodation Information 

Studio-flats are furnished and equipped for one person. All bedding is supplied by the Cité internationale des arts. WIFi included. 2 people max can be hosted in one studio (+ 1 child up to 7 years of age).

Studio Information 

40 m2 studio-flat. It is also possible to rent out a larger studio if you have the need for it.

Technical Information 

Exhibition space, auditorium (with pianos and a pipe organ), collective studios for photography, ceramic, lithography...

18, rue de L'Hotel de Ville
75004 Paris
16 rue Girardon
75018 Paris
+33 1 42787172
+33 1 42784054

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