1 to 3 months
Paid by artist 

Travel and personal costs, as well as residency fee. Bucharest Air maintains two different residency fees:

  • For residents who do not benefit from third party sponsorship, such as patronage or institutional aid, the per month residency fee amounts to 800,-- Euro all inclusive.
  • For residents who do benefit from a third party sponsorship, as well as for institutions, the residency fee amounts to 1300,-- Euro per month all inclusive.
Application guidelines 

Applications for a one to three months residency at Bucharest Air are announced on this website twice a year. Applications can only be sent in digitally. Bucharest Air accepts a maximum of six residents per year. Timely applications are appreciated.

Bucharest AIR is open to visual artists, writers, curators, and theoreticians of all ages and backgrounds, who show a specific and genuine interest in a period of working and living in Romania. There are no age restrictions, and the Residency is open to all nationalities equally. Projects and proposals, which will take into consideration the specific context of Romania, will have priority over more generalist approaches.

To apply, send a portfolio, a CV and a project proposal. Make sure to have a look on Bucharest AiR website before applying.



2 per year

Bucharest AiR

Bucharest AiR


The Residency program is open to all art professionals who have a genuine interest in a period of working and living in Bucharest and can host artists working with photography, video, new media and internet, drawing, performance, research based work, installation, site specific (public space) interventions and similar. The Residency is less suitable for painters and artists who work with large scale studio-based sculpture. However, if need be, there are opportunities for renting an external workplace which could suit specific artistic needs and projects. Bucharest AIR collaborates closely with the Centre for Visual Introspection ( and curator Alina Serban.


Generally, a residency period ends with a public event, be that an exhibition, lecture, presentation, screening, and so forth. During the residency, there are also possibilities to organize public events. Exhibitions are however not guaranteed in any way, and depend on the residents' ability to connect to the variety of art venues Bucharest has to offer.

Studio Information 

Bucharest AiR has 2 locations. Bucharest Air choses the residency location considering availability and the resident artists' work or project-based necessities.

The residency's locations are an 80 square meter ground level house, with a 500 square meter garden, located at the Eastern end of Bucharest, near the city of Voluntari as well as a 50 square meter apartment located near the city center.


Bucharest AiR offers a stimulating working environment in Bucharest, a vibrating city scarred by a Communist past and a Capitalist development, which at the same time maintains the bohemian air of the early 20th Century.

Chiriac Bidoianu 5
Sector 2

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