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Variable, depending on the needs of the artist(s).
Paid by host 

There are discounts for cultural/art activities.

Paid by artist 

Travel, accommodation, studio, subsistence costs.

Application guidelines 

To know more about the current rates (for studio and accommodation) and to apply, please contact directly Bakelit:



Bakelit Multi Art Center

Bakelit Multi Art Center

Bakelit M.A.C.


Bakelit Multi Art Center is now open for art residencies thanks to its complex services! Bakelit can provide you with everything you might need while working on your project; let it be dance, music, theatrical play, photo shooting, painting, the combination of the aforementioned, or any creation that you can imagine.

Accommodation Information 

Next to Bakelit, there is the Factory Hostel that is able to accommodate the artists during their residency. There are rooms with 3, 4, 5, 10, and 12 beds. There is a spacious parking lot in front of the Bakelit complex. Moreover, you can purchase meals directely in the complex (breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be ordered in advance.). There is also the possibility to enjoy the events organised 4 times a week at Bakelit, as a way of relaxation and distraction.

Studio Information 
  • Hangar/Hall: The size of the hall is 280 m2 with an 80 m2 gallery. It has natural light if desired or can be darkened with curtains. During the development Bakelit M.A.C. has preserved the characteristic height of the industrial hangars that is 4.5-7 m. The sound insulation and pavements (that is concrete) were built according to the schemes of acoustic designers.
  • Studio: A 190-square meter-room with flexible hardwood floor. Sound isolation is built in so that multiple events can take place in the building. Only artificial lights illuminate the room. Internal height is 4.5-7 m.
  • L1 Dance Room: A 140-m2-room with flexible dance floor. The height of the room is 4 meters and natural light is provided.
  • L1 Small Room: It is a relatively smaller room compromising 60 square meters of flexible dance floor. One of the walls is covered with mirrors making the room just perfect for dance activities. The height of the room is the same as thereof its ‘big sister’.
  • Kuckó (explanation of the word: a ‘tiny’ place where one feels comfortable): The 70-square meter-floor is covered with flexible hardwood floor. The height of the room ranges from 3 to 5 meters and light is provided by natural light. Mirror is set on the wall of the room.

Bakelit Multi Art Center is a cultural institute in the industrial area of Budapest. This area was originally use in the early 1900’s manufacturing war related products. After the Second World War, the area developed into spinning factory for textile workers. Since 1999, this industrial area holds a multi art center for the innovative and creative aspects of fine arts and performing arts. Downtown Budapest can be reached easily by public transportation 24/7 due to the well-organized transportation net.

164 Soroksari Rd
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