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AZALA Space for Creation

AZALA Space for Creation


AZALA is a bicephalous project that combines a cultural and tourist accommodation project. At the origin of its definition, a space for creation.

A space for creation that seeks again and again to deterritorialized itself.


AZALA is a place of encounter and exchange between artists, designers, activists and thinkers. Taking dance and performing arts as epicenter, it spreads and crosses without  promiscuity other artistic disciplines, as well as other classification as live art, body art and performativity.

To generate working conditions for the processes of creation and research of the artists in residence. Generate space-time autonomy and freedom for the production of knowledge from experimentation, critical exchange, practice and reflection. Generate contexts of action. Generate links and connections between artists, thinkers and public (local people) to pay (expand / enhance) the ecosystem artistic, cultural, social and political development: those are some of the aims of AZALA.

Accommodation Information 

5 houses with double rooms, kitchen, working/office space. Internet connection and basic equipment available.

Technical Information 

There are two open studio spaces of 100 and 74 square meters with wooden floors for performing arts, workshops, meetings and lectures. Both buildings are equipped with tables, chairs, projectors, WiFi, multimedia kit, bathrooms and showers.

Some equipment and materials are also available.


Located in the rural environment of a small town called Lasierra (Álava, Basque Country, Spain), from the cultural aspect AZALA project is a space for artistic residencies and a meeting place for artists. Research, reflection and creation are key words of this project in the territory of the performing arts.

Lasierra 15
01428 Lasierra (Álava, Basque Country)
0034-665 705 136

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