Visual Arts Applied Arts
Korean, English
Around 3 months
Paid by host 

1 studio per 1 artist or team.
Exemption from studio fee, taxes and public utilities (only for electricity, water, internet).

Paid by artist 



Applications are closed for 2017!

Artist Residency TEMI

Artist Residency TEMI


Artist Residency TEMI is a residency space for visual artists established on the former site of Temi Library by the Daejeon Metropolitan Government to revitalize its original downtown area through culture and arts. Based on today's keyword of convergence, Artist Residency TEMI will support its artists in engaging in creative activities, transcending various genres through its programs that combine local features and arts. By combining Daejeon's science infrastructure with arts, Artist Residency TEMI attempts to develop and manage distinctively specialized programs. It aims to be a special residency where artists can devote themselves to creation and further their individual skills. Through these efforts, it aspires to present an open platform and hub for not only its local citizens and artists but also people in other cities and around the world, through intercity communication, becoming a model for a new kind of creative space for domestic and global arts circles.

  • Group exhibition & open studio
  • Solo exhibition
  • Expert matching program - theoretical guidance
  • Expert matching program - technical guidance
  • Temi workshop (open lectures)
  • Regional program (workshop, community arts etc.)
Accommodation Information 

They have 6 rooms and one is for overseas artist.

Studio Information 

Studio: 42.57 m2 with height:3.3 m.
Bed, 2 desks, 2 chairs, air conditioning units, fixture, sink and internet service.

Technical Information 

IMAC, laser color printer, scanner, 3D scanner, 3D printer.

Daejeon Joong-gu Bomoonro 199beon-gil 37-1
South Korea

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