English, Swedish
1 to 3 monts
Paid by host 

They cover the costs for traveling and accommodation. Every artists is paid a grant/stipend of approximately 1100 € a week (as recommended by KRO, Artists Organisation of Sweden). Every artist is also allowed a production & material budget, that vary between residencies.

Paid by artist 

Artists basicaly only pay for their daily food during an Art inside Out residency.

Application guidelines 

Professional artist can apply via Open Calls that are posted twice a year (spring and fall) on the website and social media. In every Open Call they put specific deadline dates and any particular criteria.


Art Inside Out

Art Inside Out


Art Inside Out is an art institution and a residency program that promotes artistic creativity and engagement with audiences in flexible, cross-cultural formats through the concept of residencies.

Art Inside Out is a nomadic residency program. Artists are invited to work in residence at different locations in Halland County (which is a region in the southern Sweden). New contexts arise in meetings between artists, local inhabitants and audiences, and places. The residencies are open for both international and national artists working with all forms of artistic expressions. They offer an opportunity for a creative practitioner to come to work in Halland for a set period of time with support that includes full funding, travels, technical facilities, accommodation and work premises. Each residency is uniquely curated, and it starts processes that can carry on long after the residence artists have left the site. That is one of the aims with the flexible art institute Art Inside Out that is run as a partnership between the Halland County and its six municipalities.

Since the start in January 2016 they have had six residencies in different parts of Halland County, and hosted about thirty artist from a various fields of artistic expressions, including poetry and design.


Talk and public presentation, publication, sometimes exhibition.

Accommodation Information 

Each artist is provided with a private room.

Studio Information 

The kind of a space depends on the artsist needs. The organizers arrange the studio space after they've chosen artists for a specific residency.

Technical Information 

The kind of a technical equipment depends on the artsist needs. The organizers arrange it after they've chosen artists for a specific residency.


Art Inside Out residencies take place in different parts of the County of Halland, Sweden, in both rural and urban settings. In connection to their Open Calls the organizers will explain the premises for each setting.

Box 517
30180 Halmstad

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