1 month
Application guidelines 

Please provide the following:

  • A brief proposal telling us what you would like to achieve through this programme, artistically and in terms of your development as an artist (maximum 500 words)
  • A statement describing your practice (maximum 500 words).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Visual material directly relating to the proposal such as previous or proposed art work (please either email images or direct us to specific work you would like us to consider on the web. Please label any images – title, medium, dimensions and year)
  • Any preference for which residency you would ideally like to take up (March, May or September)
  • If you choose, information on any barriers you have faced, past or present, to achieving your creative aspirations (maximum 500 words) - gaps in your CV will not affect your application.

Send proposals to:

David Gilbert, Interim Artistic Director
To discuss your application contact us on Tel: 01924 312 000
Link to application guidelines and more information here.

The Art House

The Art House


The Art House provide time, space and support for artists to develop their work and connect with audiences.They do this through residencies and artist commissions, artist mentoring, focused on artist development, artist-led sharing of best practice, physical and virtual exhibitions, workshops and events. The artistic programme is as much about giving artists opportunities to develop their practice, explore and experiment as it is about exhibiting finished work. Although they have some exhibition space, they are not a gallery: we are focused on exploring the process of making good art and artists’ practice, rather than the finished art itself.  They run 4 solo residencies throughout the year, designed to give residency artists time, a place to develop and realise creative ideas and make work. Each residency is a month-long funded opportunity for a visual artist – they provide them with a studio, accommodation, access to resources, support and an opportunity to exhibit their work (or work in progress) at the end of their residency. 



They expect the artist to show either a new body of work created during the residency, or work in progress. They also expect artists to keep a residency blog, participate in an artist’s talk, and if appropriate to run a workshop relating to their practice) at the Art House - or elsewhere in Wakefield if the work is site-specific or made for the public realm.


Drury Lane
United Kingdom
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01924 377090

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Update my listing

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