Dutch, English, German
Minimal period is one month
Paid by artist 

There are 2 residency rooms:

  • 1 room of 24 m2: the total costs are € 625/month
  • 2nd room is 30 m2: total costs are € 695/month                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Both prices include free use of the Studio (excluding paper and ink). The rooms have a shower inside. The guests can use the big kitchen with facilities for cooking, fridge, dishwasher etc.

For solely use of the Studio the costs are € 210 / month, € 190 for a 10-way strip card or € 21 per day. The price includes the use of all equipment and presses, cleaning agents and proofing paper.

Application guidelines 

Professional artists and designers can submit a compact project plan and documentation (CV and three pictures of work) and need to give a preference for which period. The artist has to show that he or she has professional artistic qualities and wants to work especially in graphical art. In order to apply successfully, the artist must be able to use the materials and equipment independently and professionally. AGA LAB is one of the first non toxic Studio’s, and requests the artists to print on a non toxic way (water-based paint and using VCA). If you need assistence, it will be available by the technical assistants.


ongoing basis




AGA LAB is a laboratory for artists, designers and photographers who want to experiment with graphic techniques in the broadest sense. Originally created as a workshop for graphic designers in 1958, they have grown into a well-equipped studio, characterized by a wide range of facilities: (textile) screen printing, (photo) etching, lithography, letterpress printing, fine art print, analogue darkroom and risograph printing. Qualified technical assistance is provided daily in the workplace.

AGA LAB transfers its carefully accumulated knowledge of techniques and encourages exchanges and innovation in the field to the artists. For instance research is done into the use of organic inks and colours. The natural pigments for the paint get extracted from plants in the garden in our courtyard. In addition, the artists in residence program offers international artists and designers to explore various graphic and crossover techniques in ink, colour and image.

AGA LAB wants to enthuse new target groups for creative craftsmanship and organizes master classes, workshops, lectures and presentations.


The artist donates one work and, when interested, can present his/hers work through an exhibition at the Studio.

Studio Information 

The residencies are connected to the Print Studio which is located in an old, spacious school building. There is a separate 80 m2 project space. The rooms have entrance to the courtyard.

Technical Information 
  • Internet access
  • Facilities: Digital printing/ Screen printing/ Silk printing/ Textile printing/ Relief printing/ Etching/ Lithography / Risograph printing / Analogue darkroom
De Roos van Dekemaweg 7
1061 HR Amsterdam
+31 20 6252186
+31 20 4273968

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