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Variable; up to 3 months
Paid by host 

Funded residencies: For applicants to the open call there are grants and stipends available. Applicants who would like to be considered for a funded residency must indicate this on the application form. Grants cover all the costs for the the live/work accommodation and breakfast. Stipends cover the production costs.

Self funded residencies: Applicants who apply in response to an open call are notified of the outcome of their acceptance to the programme and the funding within 4 - 8 weeks weeks after the deadline has passed.

Paid by artist 

Grantees: Residents who have applied to the open call and and who have been awarded a funded residency pay for their travel and personal spending.

Self-funded residents: Applications for the self-funded residencies can be send at any time during the year. The outcome of the application for a self-funded residency will be known between 2 - 3 weeks. Self funded residents pay between € 570 and € 640 per week. This fee includes all local taxes and 4 hours mentoring per week. The self funded residents also pay for all used materials, travel, additional mentoring or technical services and personal expenses. SEA Foundation will write an official Letter of Invitation to facilitate finding additional funding.

Application guidelines 

There is a 30 Euro application fee.



27 December for funded residencies!

AiR Tilburg - SEA Foundation the Netherlands

AiR Tilburg - SEA Foundation the Netherlands

Sea Foundation


AiR Tilburg Residency Program is suited to local and international thinkers and practitioners: artists, writers, curators, sound artists, cultural managers, and academics, providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Tilburg while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in the region’s creative sphere. The residencies are run alongside an exhibition and public program, enabling residents to benefit from collaboration with these programs that draw participants and mentors from a wide range backgrounds.


As an AiR Tilburg resident you have uninterrupted, self-directed work time. Depending on your proposal you may focus on production of new work, research as well as development concepts. During each residency period there are optional activities that are conceived to promote not only collaboration between artists, but to empower ideas between different participants as well as facilitate interdisciplinary learning. Resident artists, writers and curators embrace the role of contributing to an active platform of thinking, discussion, production and sharing.
It is optional to give a talk, workshop, end the residency with an exhibition, draft a proposal, work with local organisations or revise a manuscript or make an artist book to name a few. AiR Tilburg Netherlands assists residents by approaching contacts and making arrangements as and when the project requires. Depending on the nature of the work, residents work with an external mentor, curator, master and/or a SEA Foundation team member.

Accommodation Information 

AiR Tilburg Netherlands resides together with SEA Foundation in an Amsterdam School style building. The building has recently been renovated into an artist colony - a hub of artistic activity where exhibitions, talks, meet-ups, screenings and residencies are organised. The residency comprises 2 live/work studios (for single or double occupancy) each with a private bathroom and studio-working facilities. On the ground floor there is a project space that stages public and/or discursive activities. Apart from resident’s studios there are common rooms like kitchen, salon, dining room, gallery, garden and another two guest bedrooms with en-suite facilities. Therefore, AiR Tilburg Netherlands, can accommodated up to 8 people at once.

Studio Information 

Artists: Studio 110 m2. Well equipped, perfect northern daylight studio, with workshop and a comfortable guestroom (sleeps max 2 persons), bathroom en-suite, garden terrace. Incl. mentoring up to 4 hours per week, peer-to-peer talks, guidance, technical advice, WIFI, and outings.

Curators and Writers: Studio 30 m2. Well equipped study room, guestroom (sleeps 2 max), bathroom en-suite, south-facing balcony 35 m2. Incl. mentoring up to 4 hours per week, peer-to-peer talks, guidance, WIFI and outings.

AiR Tilburg Netherlands studios are secure, set in a private lush town garden and accessible 24/7. They have natural light and offer seclusion and tranquility in Tilburg city centre.

5017HP Tilburg
+31 (0)13 544 44 95

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