Partners & networks

Partners & networks

We collaborate with and advise on a regular basis the Dutch field through our AiR Platform NL, with residencies (EKWC, AGA, FMC…), funders (Mondriaan Fund, NL Performing Arts Fund, Literature Fund etc), cities and regions (Enschede, Tilburg, Brabant …), musea (Textielmuseum, Rijksmuseum,…) and other parts of the art infrastructure.

Through European projects we connect with a wide range of organisations in the European Union and beyond. To know more about the partners in these projects, please have a look at the Green Art Lab Alliance and the ON-AiR projects.

We are member of several (international) networks:

We also collaborate with a range of international organisations to exchange information, best practices, and knowledge about artists’ mobility. We do this in the networks we are member of, as well as with other organisations, for instance:

Last, but not least, we aim at having and keeping strong connections with other residency information platforms, such as Art Motile, AIR_J, GAI, residencia_en_red (network on hold), Artists in residency in Switzerland, China Residencies, Arts Residency Network in Taiwan, Microresidence Network, Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation, etc.

These organisations are key partners for DutchCulture | TransArtists, as we do not aim at knowing all answers about the residency phenomenon worldwide but rather want to empower the local and regional networks and information platforms to develop their own interpretation of residencies.

Through these networks and partners, we connect to a wider range of cultural organisations and residency organisations working on topics related to our work, such as

  • artists’ mobility (visa, social security, information provision),
  • development in the contemporary art practice (thematically, for instance on social change, sustainability,…)
  • residency data collection and analysis – sharing expertise and debate

Visit the websites of these networks to get to know more about them!