Online handbook: Cultural Relations in the New Normal

Online handbook: Cultural Relations in the New Normal

Alteration Programme presents best practices for international cultural relations adapting to pandemic-induced uncertainty, changes and instability.

The Alteration Programme consisted  of  a  series  of  online  events  for  professionals in the cultural field, running from April to July 2021. It aimed at defining new, efficient approaches to establishing, building, and developing intercultural  relations  and  connections  between  EU  and  Ukrainian  cultural  and  civil  society  actors  in  conditions  of  pandemic-induced  uncertainty,  changes,  and  instability. Now the results have been published in the handbook Cultural Relations of The New Normal

The initiators, the Ukrainian Institute and the Ukraine EU Delegation, supported  via  the  EU-funded  Cultural  Relations Platform, invited professionals from the cultural, creative and civic society sectors to explore how to approach intercultural relations in conditions of pandemic-induced uncertainty. We hope that it will become a source of inspiration for other actors in the cultural, creative and civil society sectors facing similar challenges around the world.

The programme covered questions such as: How should international cultural relations  adapt  to  this  “new  reality?”  How  should  digital  tools  be  used  for  better  efficiency?  What  best  case  practices  exist  in  international  cultural  relations  and  among cultural institutions in the EU and in Ukraine? And, lastly, how can cultural initiatives and products be promoted using digital tools? 

Read or download the handbook with the key lessons, project models and cases related to the programme’s topics here: Cultural Relations of The New Normal