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PLEASE NOTE: This page serves as an archive of the ON-AiR project, initiated by TransArtists in 2010 and completed in 2012. The page has not been updated since then.

Together with partner organizations throughout Europe TransArtists developed a trajectory of Mobility workshops and training programs for artists on artist-in-residence opportunities.

The programme had two goals:

  • overcoming the imbalance between knowledge and skills among potential users of AiR programs: to know that AiR opportunities are 'out there' is something else than to have the skills to access and make use of them.
  • exchanging intelligence among providers of AiR programs, on how to distribute facts and value of AiR opportunities among potential users, in such a way that it fits the regional needs of the artists.

The workhops programme in development already started in 2006 under the title 'Prologue' with workshops in Bucharest, followed by Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Tallin and Bari. In the Dutch city of Enschede partner organizations met during the Prologue Workshops Network expert meeting, in August 2008. This meeting resulted in the workshops programme On-AiR offering artists in different regions of Europe tools for using artist-in-residence opportunities.

The international partners of the Trans Artists workshops are:

ON-AiR Activities

Throughout the ON-AiR project, 18 workshops on mobility opportunities were organised. To know that artist-in-residence opportunities are ‘out there’ is something else than to have skills to access and make use of them. The ON-AiR workshops guided artists to AiR opportunities, and trained them in skills to define their needs, identify and find the residency that matches their needs, opportunities for funding, how to apply and get there and to make the best use of its possibilities.

ON-AiR seminar in Bucharest, Romania

The ON-AiR workshops were organized and developed in close co-operation with the local partner organization and artists of the country where the workshops took place, in such a way that they fit the specific needs of the artists. Material on mobility was specially compiled by the local partner to accompany their workshops. Some choose the form of an interview, others a cultural mapping of the region or insight into possibilities for financial support. You will find all the regional information compiled by the local ON-AiR partner in the book published at the end of the two-years project. They are also all gathered in the ON-AiR book: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe.

The regional information was used during the ON-AiR workshops as an extension of the ON-AiR workshop manual (pdf) given to participants.

ON-AiR Book: Reflections on the mobility of artists in Europe

With this publication the partners of the ON-AiR project aim to take you on a ‘journey’, reflecting on the current state of mobility in which the artists in Europe operate and their art flourishes. It also includes a summary of the results and outcomes of the ON-AiR project.

An Editorial Team consisting of 18 mobility experts from the different regions of Europe, all working as partners in ON-AiR, proposed 10 topics or thoughts for a more in-depth approach. Ten essays by authors from across Europe are the result. The content and format of the essays differ enormously: varying from a letter written to a Resident Artist, to an examination of the much-discussed ‘brain drain’ phenomenon in Eastern Europe, to drawings from a pirate rabbit reflecting on mobility.

This publication does not intend to solve problems, nor does it offer a complete overview of them. It is meant to share issues we experienced during the project with others operating in the field of artist mobility. Please have a look at the introduction and the table of content here (pdf).

Interested to read the whole book ?

ON-AiR Final evaluation, by Judith Staines

External evaluation expert Judith Staines was commissioned by ON-AiR at the end of the project to conduct a final evaluation of the project and provide an independent report and analysis. The evaluation was carried out in March/April 2012 through a consultation process with the project leader and partners, using questionnaires, interviews and desk research.

The evaluation takes the stated objectives, tools and planned outcomes of the project and assesses how far these were achieved. In addition to a quantitative analysis of the deliverables, the evaluation focuses on a qualitative review, using peer/self-evaluation by the partners, of the achievements of the project and the networking process. The evaluator analysed the findings and makes recommendations where appropriate.

This report states the key outcomes of the project and we invite you to read it to get a full picture of ON-AiR, including the feedback of the partners. Access it here as pdf.