Dutch, English
1948 / Residency program since 1978
11 months
Paid by host:
  • Stipend: You receive a monthly stipend of €1000. From this you will have to deduct rent and living costs. Renting a room amounts to €350 - €500 a month. The rest of the stipend is meant to support yourself. It is the Van Eyck's estimate that it takes an additional €300 - €450 a month to attain an acceptable standard of living.
  • Production budget of €2,000 per year
Paid by artist:

Enrollment cost, travel, accommodation. The enrolment fee amounts to €2,750 at a yearly basis.

Application guidelines:

The application fee is €65 (excld. VAT). The application is done online.

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Van Eyck Academie

Van Eyck Academie


The Jan van Eyck Academie is a multidisciplinary post-academic institute for fine art, design and reflection, located in Maastricht, the Netherlands. They offer places to 35-40 participants on an annual basis to further encourage experiment, research, production, collaboration and exchange within their practice. Artists, designers, curators, (landscape) architects, and writers come from all over the world to work on their own projects during a residency of 11 months.

The Van Eyck provides each resident with a studio, various labs - Wood and Metal, Printing and Publishing, Photography and New Media, a library, Lab for Nature Research, and Food Lab. Additionally, the Van Eyck participants can take part in organising the academy’s programme in terms of lectures, readings, presentations, exhibitions, etc - , and studio visits by internal as well as external experts and advisers.

The multiform character of the Van Eyck appeals to the artistic and intellectual versatility of the participants and enables them to deepen and ramify their talents and skills in the short and long run. The work of the participants is the effect and the result of various intertwined processes. It especially testifies to an art practice that is investigative and committed.

Call for Artists 2022: Imagining Low-Carbon Futures
Next to the annual regular residency, Jan van Eyck Academie offers a second opportunity in 2022: The Urban Futures Studio is a partnership with Utrecht University, initiating an art-science collaboration centered around imagining low-carbon futures. In a 6-months collaboration starting in March 2022, the selected artist will work closely together with academic researchers towards an artistic intervention. Rather than communicating science, we aim to explore new ways to configure artistic and scientific approaches to imagine low-carbon futures that could incite a more meaningful climate debate.

Recent catastrophic weather events and the 2021 IPCC report contributed to the mounting evidence that it is important to limit global warming. To achieve the goals of the Paris agreement and delimit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5 °C degrees, requires a stunning effort amounting to rapid and radical transformation towards a low-carbon society. But as climate impacts are becoming visible, it becomes increasingly hard to imagine true alternatives to a catastrophic future. This lack of ‘imaginaries’ of futures, that are both sustainable and just, hamper the transition.

As part of the European research project Climaginaries, exploring and innovating new ways of imagining climate futures, this collaboration is embedded in a PhD project on exploring new roles for climate modelling in imagining low-carbon futures. The selected artists will work closely with Lisette van Beek and the Urban Futures Studio to jointly explore possible ways to intervene in the climate debate, collaboratively identify possible art-science configurations and co-develop the intervention. The Jan van Eyck Academie acts as a supporting partner in this art-science collaboration.

About the Urban Futures Studio
The Urban Futures Studio is a transdisciplinary institute devoted to studying positive futures and ways to get there; a small group of researchers that explore existing futures practices as well as initiate experiments to imagine climate, energy and urban futures. Past examples of interventions include The Energetic Odyssey, the Post-fossil City Contest and the Carbon Ruins exhibition.

Candidate profile
Artists based in the Netherlands with an interest in and knowledge of the climate emergency and its (social, geopolitical, economical) effects are eligible to apply. Candidates have a strong ability to conceptualize possible futures, experience in staging artistic interventions, and know how to engage with different publics. Candidates have affinity with science and have experience with or are motivated to collaborate with researchers from a range of different backgrounds.

Embedded in the Urban Future Studio of Utrecht University, the art-science collaboration will involve conducting research, exploring various ways to engage different publics in imagining low-carbon future, and co-developing an artistic intervention.

Collaboration period: March - August 2022 (6 months)
Total budget: 15,000 euro
The artist will have a desk at the Urban Futures Studio (Utrecht Science Park).
Access to experts from various backgrounds and disciplines from Utrecht University and beyond, access to the university library and other resources
Access to Lab facilities and expertise of the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht for the production of the artistic intervention.
The language spoken is either English or Dutch.

Application procedure

To apply, please submit a single pdf (no larger than 10 MB) of the following materials, presented in English, to [email protected]
-A motivational letter
-A proposal (max 500 w.) explaining your approach to this art-science collaboration and the intervention
-A curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)
-Documentation of previous work (max 25 pages with 1 – 2 images per page. The presented material should not be older than 5 years). For voluminous files like videos, please insert links to Vimeo, YouTube or other channels to watch the materials

More information about the Imagining Low-Carbon Futures program:


Exhibition, catalogue.

Studio Information

The Van Eyck boasts well-fitted Labs (Wood and Metal, Printing and Publishing, Photography and New Media, a library, Lab for Nature Research, Food Lab), an auditorium, gallery spaces and a café-restaurant. The facilities are available to participants and all interested parties. The comings and goings of visitors and Lab users provide ample opportunities for interesting encounters.

Accommodation Information

The Van Eyck can help you find accommodation in Maastricht. It is compulsory to live in or near Maastricht during your stay at the Van Eyck.


The Van Eyck institute is situated in the historical city centre of Maastricht, the Netherlands, at the heart of the Euregion and occupies a monumental modernist building designed by architect Peutz. The renovation works that were concluded in early 2013 have made the special qualities of the building even more prominent; the building feels more spacious, lighter and more open than ever. Simultaneous with the renovation three gardens were laid out, one of which is a vegetable garden. They reinforce the urban-cum-Arcadian feel of the Van Eyck.

Contact information

Academieplein 1
6211KM Maastricht

info [at]