English, some Mandarin
6 weeks
Paid by host:
  • A free studio for the six weeks with 24/7 access during the outlined residency dates.
  • Professional development meetings with the Programme Curator and Producer and other industry professionals to discuss their project and its development throughout the residency.
  • An initial exhibition featuring work produced prior to the residency, anticipating the work to be realised during the residency.
  • An exhibition of their work produced during the residency shown at PSC’s Pilot Space.
  • Support with funding applications the artist may wish to make to assist with the realisation of their project over the course of the residency.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Exhibition install and deinstall will be managed by PSC and the artists-in-residence.
  • A launch event and VIP dinner for the culminating exhibition.
  • Promotion and PR will be managed by PSC and a printed publication will be produced to survey the residency.
Paid by artist:
  • Accommodation, living costs, travel and other expenses for the duration of the residency programme.
  • Covering costs of any materials required for the development and production of the artworks for the exhibition.
  • Removal of the works from PSC’s pilot space at the end of the residency/exhibition period (though PSC will support this process as best we can).
  • Public liability insurance in place before beginning the residency.
  • Covering cost of insuring personal possessions and artworks during the residency and exhibition periods. PSC is unable to cover the insurance of artworks produced during the residency (or otherwise), owing to the fact that their value is only determined once made, i.e. once they are recognised as works of art.
Application guidelines:

Emerging and mid-career visual artists with a sculpture / three-dimensional art practice working in any medium can apply. Practitioners from the UK and overseas are encouraged to apply. Individuals, duos and groups welcome to apply.

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Pangaea Sculptors' Centre

Pangaea Sculptors' Centre


Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC) challenges current sculptural conventions and engages the practice of sculpture and three-dimensional art from diverse and even contradictory perspectives. In this way, PSC seeks to promote critical engagement and innovation in this field. The aim of the programme is to support excellence, innovation and the critical practice of three-dimensional art and to facilitate professional-development opportunities for artists committed to producing ambitious sculptural works.. This residency is best suited for supporting the realisation of pre-existing ideas: a proposition, notion, desire, etc. that is waiting patiently to be brought into being. The maquette for this project may be half-made on a shelf somewhere or the design drawn in an old sketchbook. Or the proposal may still be an idea, though one persistent enough that although it may shift, doesn’t go away. This is the opportunity to realise the project that you’ve been thinking about for some time but for one reason or another have not had the right impetus, support, space and/or platform through which to do this.


Two exhibitions will book end the residency.

Studio Information

The large 2,500ft2 open-plan warehouse space is ideal for making sculpture. Situated on the ground floor, it has 6m high ceilings, great natural light from skylights and roller-shutter access. The project space has single phase, 16amp C-form sockets and the capacity for 3-phase if the artists require it. This space will be shared by the selected artists.

Accommodation Information

There is no accommodation provided. For oversees application the center is happy to email their UK-based network to look for hosts.

Technical Information
  • A part-time technician will be on hand to support the residency and offer some assistance with the artworks’ production. Basic power tools will also be available and there will be a mig welder for metal working.
  • Dialogues with leading artworld professionals will challenge and push the artists-in-residence and their practice. These exchanges will also act as professional development opportunities as they will introduce this work to new curators, collectors and commissioners.
Contact information

45 Gransden Avenue, Unit 4
E8 3QA
United Kingdom

admin [at]