English, French, Arabic
2-6 weeks, during the Winter, Spring and Fall seasons
Paid by host 

GOA offers fully equipped production spaces, and opportunities for interaction and collaboration with other artists. GOA offers resident artists a wide array of concierge services including arranging housing, custom designed and artisan focused tours, gallery connections, and personal connections with Moroccan artists.

Paid by artist 

Accepted artists are responsible for travel, studio fees and housing/board. Studio fees:

  • Shared Studio, 2500 MAD (approx: $260 USD) per week base rate.
  • Private Studio, 4000 MAD per week, with reduced rates for longer residencies.

These fees are for non-Moroccan artists. GOA offers a reduced fee for Moroccan artists in residence since they are fluent in both language and culture in the area.

The Spring curated residency RESONATE: Convergence 2020 has full package pricing (44,000 MAD for 4 weeks) which includes housing, 2 meals/day, tours, program and in-country travel.

Application guidelines 

Applicants for self-directed residencies are to submit the following items:

  • Application form  – completed by applicant and submitted along with:
  • CV featuring selected projects, exhibitions, grants, past residencies, education and contact information (attached in an email to [email protected])
  • Artist’s Statement (about 350-400 words) describing your current work and its significance and inspiration, as well as your technique and overall vision for your work.
  • A portfolio containing a selection of works (max. 10), in PDF format for visual art and writing, and MP3 or MP4 format for music, film or performance work. Please include data on dimensions, materials, production year, location, publication or performance dates, etc. (attached in an email to [email protected])
  • A non-refundable 200 Dirham ($20 USD) application fee is due upon application


September 14, 2018 to apply for UPROOTED: Convergence 2019

Green Olive Arts

Green Olive Arts



Green Olive Arts is an international art studio and urban art residency in Tetouan, Morocco, specializing in connecting the creatives of the world with the culture and creatives of Morocco through professional studio facilities, artist residencies, artist services, instructional programming, and international collaborative events. Green Olive Arts was started by artists for artists, representing the culmination of the dreams of two American artists, Jeff McRobbie and Rachel Pearsey. Both Jeff and Rachel have spent several years creating art in Morocco and dreaming of how they could create a collaborative art space, where foreign and local artists could experience the richness of creating art alongside each other in a multicultural environment. The Art Residency program is for artists of all disciplines, and provides a space for artists to travel away from their normal settings to do research and produce new works in a context offering an abundance of fresh inspiration. GOA offers fully equipped production spaces, and opportunities for interaction and collaboration with other local and international artists. Both shared and private studio spaces are available. The large size of GOA’s facilities also allows them to accommodate art-making tours and other arts-educational and study-abroad groups.


Potential outcomes (according to the residents desire) include exhibitions, performances, studio visits, workshops, & collaborative events.  The hosts are happy to consider other ideas as well.

Accommodation Information 

Housing will be arranged by GOA depending on your preferences and goals. Almost all of the housing options are within a short walk of the studios, near the center of Tetouan. You can choose from: an apartment attached to the studios, a private apartment, a home-stay with a Moroccan family, a Moroccan Riad (4 star B&B), 3 star hotel, or a 2 star hotel.

Studio Information 

Shared spaces: these are large studio spaces shared by 2 or 3 artists using movable partitions to mark off individual work areas measuring 7-15 square meters each. Each artist can set up his/her space however they like with movable furniture including tables, easels and storage. These rooms can be closed with a door to the rest of the studio and typically have large windows or balconies for sunlight and air. Private spaces: these are large studio spaces dedicated to one artist each. They have lockable doors and typically have a large window or balcony for sunlight and air.

Technical Information 

Available resources include: computer/scanner/printer, wifi, kitchen, woodworking tools, dance/performance practice space.  The hosts may be able to acquire other resources on request.


Situated in the North of Morocco, on the North-Western tip of Africa, Tetouan sits by the Mediterranean Sea in a beautiful valley at the intersection of two rugged mountain ranges. Tetouan's ancient walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history and culture hidden within stuccoed walls. Here you will find Morocco’s prestigious National Institute of Fine Art, the starting point of many Moroccan artists, the National School of Architecture, the Royal Artisan School for children and Morocco's new Museum of Modern Art. Tetouan's architecture and second language reveal its place in history as the capital of the Spanish protectorate, a heritage that remains visible at every turn. With its annual International Festival of the Lute, countless fine arts festivals and associations, Tetouan has art “in its blood” on a grassroots level that is rarely seen in this part of the world. Green Olive Arts is located in the heart of this city, a few blocks from the king's palace, numerous transportation arteries, museums, galleries and the gates of the medina itself in the 10-room home of a prominent Tetouani family.

18 Avenue Mohamed ben Abderrahman
93000 Tetouan
(212) 674.35.89.42

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