One month
Paid by host 

The Artist-in-Residence will be granted lodging, and a venue for at least one workshop, lecture or concert and the possibility of an arts donation. All residents of the program will receive a $1000 stipend.

Paid by artist 

Artists are responsible for their own travel and travel expenses. Though the town of Gettysburg is just outside the Military Park, you won’t be able to rely on public transit. In addition, the park itself is quite large. The participating artists will donate an original piece of work inspired by their residency in Gettysburg National Military Park to the NPS at the park, through the NPAF. 


Gettysburg National Military Park Artist-in-Residence

Gettysburg National Military Park Artist-in-Residence


With the cooperation of the National Park Service, The Gettyburg Foundation is looking for Artists who want to broaden their art practice while spending a full month at this historic battlefield park from March to November. NPAF is looking for any sort of art work, from traditional landscapes, photographers, to performers, installations, films and video, as well as as writers. Virtually any approach can find a place at Gettysburg;  what matters is vision and talent. The residency runs three terms per year. Per term, one artist or an established artist couple is selected, plus 3 alternates. The prospective candidate must present a cohesive body of work, a complete application including their resume, biography and proposal of their residency project and how it reflects and may be inspired park resources. 


Artists will be expected to have a continuous public and visitor presence throughout their residency. Further, the artist will present, at minimum, one 1-hour public program, workshop, concert or lecture during their residency at Gettysburg National Military Park. This can be presented either the park or another venue as deemed by NPAF and NPS. Artists must provide their own supplies and equipment for these presentations. We also encourage artists to give more public presentations at the park and in their own community about their residency experience in Gettysburg National Military Park, to further broaden the reach of the program’s purpose and the goals of the NPS and NPS centennial objectives. The participating artists will donate an original piece of work inspired by their residency in Gettysburg National Military Park. 

Accommodation Information 

Artists are housed at the Park in a house with an included studio space, provided by Park Partners.


The park consists of the main battlefields, memorials, cemeteries, and historic buildings, support areas of the famous battle of the American Civil War. An idyllic Pennsylvania pastoral setting that is starkly evocative of the living history of the bitterest American conflict, but also a potent symbol of reconciliation. 

1248 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg, PA 17325
United States

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