There is much variation

There is much variation

...Finances and subsidies

Finances are of course important for every guest studio. No guest studios in the Netherlands can exist without this. Interestingly enough, the establishment history of the guest studios which we visited shows that subsidies are not a requirement for the initial setting up of and development of a guest studio. The initiative-takers get on with things despite this, in most cases regardless of support from the authorities. They work with an independent mentality.

That does not mean that they do not give consideration to financial management, but there are financially advantageous conditions, such as private money or a legacy, or (temporary) creative solutions to cover the costs of the guest studio. For example: if a guest studio forms part of

Steim, Amsterdam

a larger whole (a free studio in a building with several occupied studios), then the costs can be spread. Or, the costs of a residency are wholly or partly covered by the guest. Sometimes services are offered. Also, exchanges with closed subsidies can offer opportunities.

No guest studios have taken off to become commercial enterprises. In the end, not receiving subsidies does indeed have an effect on the further development of the initiative and upon the choices that can be made. Can only cheaper projects be carried out? Can only financially self-sufficient artists or artists with less access to their own sources of subsidy stay in the guest studio? How much money is there for publicity? How can a guest studio deliver good presentations in order to reach out and to make known what takes place there?


As far as subsidies are concerned, there is much variation: from initiatives which are almost fully subsidised, such as V2_, to initiatives with a very small or with no subsidy. Stichting B.a.d. has consciously chosen not to ask for any subsidy. Aletta de Jong: This gives freedom, a special quality in the creation of a space with its own circuit, own production, own exchange, own presentation, and its own networks.

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