Studio Spaces

Studio Spaces

Artist-in-residence programmes are not the only way to stay and work abroad. Did you ever consider a temporary international studio swap? Or renting out your studio while you go abroad so other artists can make use of it? Are you looking for a specific kind of studio on a temporary basis?

Check out this Offered & Wanted Section and see what destinations trigger your imagination... Please note that this concerns mainly working space and not (always) accommodation.

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Call for artists

20/08/2019 - 22:44

Temporary studio-swap Melbourne/Stuttgart (Germany)

Hello Melbourne, Australia!


I´m an independent puppeteer/puppet maker/performer based in Stuttgart Germany. I´d like to spend some time working in Melbourne and am looking for someone there who might be interested to swap studios for about a month, timing negotiable. I could help you find an affordable  place to stay in Stuttgart. Would be great to hear from you, please over anything you´ve got.


Thank you!

alles [at]
20/08/2019 - 17:58
United Kingdom

Studio space in Bermondsey (London) - 330 per month

STUDIO AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY -- Renting out my studio: it's a single unit on the 1st floor of a massive building (Biscuit Factory). £ 330 per month. Affordable especially if you wanna share it with other artists or so. The rest of the building is insane and very open minded; lot's of space to use for whatever photoshoots, projects, whatever you need to do. Mix of different professions in the building (not just painters or artists, there are coders, actors, musicians,, sculptors, a dance studio, whatever you can think of). And yes hello the roof of courseEee!!

- South East London / Biscuit Factory - Bermondsey (SE16)

- £ 330 per month
- +- 20 m2 (207 sq ft)
- Super fast wifi included 
- 24 hr access (+ security also over the bike area  ;))
- No natural light in the unit
- High ceilings
- Kitchen area on 2nd floor

tezzkamoen [at]