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Looking for an artist space in Tokyo (Ad)


I am looking for a studio (to work and live) in Tokyo from half October/ half November.

Or for a month in the next year 2020 (Spring).

Call for Entries - 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival (Ad)


Looking for studio/ work space in Tokyo (Ad)

Hello, I'm Aleksandr, multimedia artist. Looking for a workspace in Tokyo. Mostly to work with paintings and drawings. It would be great if I can also live in this space (but not necessarily). I'm a  frequent visitor so any suggestions or advices for now or for the future would be nice to consider. Please feel free to email me. 


Looking for short time studio/work space in Tokyo (Ad)

Looking for studio/ work space in Tokyo, short time

Hello, I'm Christine a swiss artist, looking for a workspace in Tokyo while holding an exhibition in a Tokyo Gallery from 16th to 22th march. It would be nessesarly, that I can also live in this space. Please feel free to email me. 

Tokyo Biennale 2020 “Social Dive” (Article)

Tokyo Biennale 2020 project, “Social Dive”, starts its open call for overseas artists to join in AIR projects! “Social Dive” involves artists diving into the different areas of Tokyo as part of an art project aimed at discovering both the unique traditions, as well as new values held by the people who live there.

BUP Book Award (Ad)

BLOW UP PRESS announces the first edition of BUP Book Award - a competition for all photographers around the world, regardless they age, gender or nationality - which goal is to promote photo book as a way of expression.

VISIONARY ACTIONS - Endecameron Workshop 2020 (Ad)


VISIONARY ACTIONS | Tutorship & Co-creation of performance and video art

With Francesca Fini and Michele Manzini


Rocca Sinibalda Castle

May 31 – June 6, 2020

co-creation workshop for max 20 participants

Final event open to the public: June 6

Talks open to the public: June 1, 4 and 6

Messages from afar: Tokyo (Article)

TransArtists reached out to artists in residence who are stuck. How are they coping with the situation? What’s their story?

Who: Petra Noordkamp, Netherlands
Where: AIT Tokyo, Japan


MIRROR PROJECT, an exhibition based on instagram, but also exhibit selected artists in Tokyo.

Who are we looking for?
International artists/participants/general public

After amazing submissions from Theme 1 SKY IN THE MIRROR, now we embrace the Theme 4 VISIBLE SOUND


PARALYM ART WORLD CUP 2020 [Disability Art] (Ad)

Paralym Art World Cup 2020 is an international competition for disabled artists – there is no restriction on age or gender! 
 Entries are made online and FREE (  

Theme: Peace

Deadline:30th June 2020