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Arts Initiative Tokyo (Organisation profile)

Arts Initiative Tokyo is a non-profit contemporary art platform which creates a range of programmes and events in Tokyo, Japan. AIT host artists and curators for one to three month residencies in Tokyo. There is a two storey converted Japanese 'kura' or store-house in Yukigaya, Tokyo where residents can stay. When there are more residents, they rent apartments in central Tokyo.

Kuspace association (Organisation profile)

Kuspace associations was founded in 2003. Kuspace head office is based in Tokyo. Their main intention is to give support to artists living in Japan, providing them with an artist in residence + exhibition space in Vienna, Austria. Kuspace would like to get to know the artists who are interested in our exhibition + residency program face-to-face.

Center for the Science of Human Endeavor (Organisation profile)

Rice+ (Organisation profile)

Rice+ launches a 'Tokyo style' artist in residence program, which focuses on communication between visiting artists and residents of the local community. The aim is to stimulate the town culture of Mukojima and to enhance communication between local and international communities.

Contemporary Art Factory (Organisation profile)

Tokyo Arts and Space (Organisation profile)

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) is an arts center dedicated to the creation and promotion of contemporary artistic expression from Tokyo, and supports a wide spectrum of artistic activities including crossover and experimental projects. Established in 2001 as Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), an initiative for the support and nurturing of young artists, it was renamed Tokyo Arts and Space in 2017.

Command N (Organisation profile)

Youkobo Art Space (Organisation profile)

Since establishing the AIR program in 1989, Youkobo Art Space has been host to a diverse range of activities developed by over 300 artists from 45 different countries. In addition, Youkobo also actively supports Japanese artists by providing a venue for presentation and opportunities to stay and work overseas.

AIR 3331 (Organisation profile)

Based in a repurposed school, the former classrooms house 4 floors of exhibition space, independent galleries, workshop facilities, creative offices and more - with organic rooftop gardening, a cafe, gymnasium, select shop and ample community space. This is 3331 Arts Chiyoda, an accessible artist-run center at the heart of Tokyo's creative scene.

Meetings & Projects (Page)

The AiR Platform NL develops meetings, activities, and projects in collaboration with guest studios and partners.