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Our news

ArtCOP21: global festival of cultural activities on climate change

3 December 2015

On the occasion of the COP21 in Paris, the French and international cultural sectors are coming together in the ArtCOP21 to confirm the central role of culture in ecological transition and sustainable development. In line with our involvement in the Green Art Lab Alliance, we are very proud to say that DutchCulture | TransArtists is taking part in the Professional Workshop  - check out what it's all about!

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Created in China. The artist's experience

3 November 2015

DutchCulture organized the program Created in China. The artist's experience to dive into questions like "How to establish a collaborative relationship with Chinese art institutions and initiatives?" and "How to take part in, and what to expect from Chinese artist-in-residence programs? " Professionals from China, the Netherlands and elsewhere shared experiences and ideas on cultural collaboration in and with Chinese partners, with a special focus on artist-in-residence programs and performing arts.

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Created in China - The artists' experience

23 October 2015

DutchCulture China Desk and TransArtists desk are organising a meeting on working in and with China on 3rd November in Amsterdam. check out the program!

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Alliance of Artists Communities' 2015 annual conference - International mobility handout

17 October 2015

From October 13 to 16, 2015, the Alliance of Artist Communities organised its annual conference in Providence, Rhode Island. DutchCulture | TransArtists presented a micro-session on international mobility and exchange for artists together with TransCultural Exchange. Download the hand-out here!

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Our deadlines' reminder newsletter is out!

15 October 2015

Keep track of all the opportunities around: the TransArtists deadlines reminder newsletter for November and December is out! Apart of having a complete list of residency deadlines for the next two months, with each newsletter we highlight different platform/resource/organization that is relevant for giving information on artist-in-residence opportunities.

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Dialogue about the future of the artistic practice

16 September 2015

DutchCulture | TransArtists was glad to be part of the information market for young artists inside museum De Pont in Tilburg this week, in the framework of the Day of the Young Artist - Dialogue about the future of the artistic practice.

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Séance d'information sur les résidences, Bruxelles, BE

11 September 2015

Retrouvez DutchCulture | TransArtists le 11 septembre à Bruxelles pour une séance d'information sur les résidences d'artiste, organisée par Artist Project!

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Snapshot on performing arts residencies

18 August 2015.

During the IETM Asia Satellie Meeting in Melbourne, Australia in May 2014, TransArtists´ Marie Fol took part in a panel on residencies for performing artists. Following this, On the Move worked on an article dedicated to this topic which was published in the summer 2015. Have a look here for more information on performing arts!

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Activity log 2015

August 2015

What have we been up to in 2015? Check here our activity log from January to August.

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Green Art Lab Alliance: what's up, what's next ?

April 2015

The Green Art Lab Alliance was a two-year, EU-funded project coordinated by DutchCulture | TransArtists, working with 18 partners across 17 different European countries that aimed to explore the links between arts and environmental sustainability. The last meeting took place in March in Glasgow - but what happened next ?

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