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Our news

CulturalBase Major Stakeholder Conference

11-13 May 2016, at Hangar, Barcelona, Spain.

TransArtists participated in the Major Stakeholder Conference of the CulturalBase project, aiming at bringing researchers and practitioners together to identify and analyse some of the main debates and controversies around culture, specifically in the fields of Heritage and European Identities. Working groups were organised on different topics, such as inclusion, memory and creativity.

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Falling in love: residencies and communities

Spring 2016

TransArtists' Bojana Panevska wrote together with Sepake Angiama (Documenta) for the engage Journal of Visual Arts in their 37th issue entitled "Time and Place: Hosting and commissioning artists"

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AiR Platform NL visiting New Orleans

5-7 April 2016, New Orleans, USA

The Alliance of Artists Communities organized its 2016 Emerging Program Institute at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. AiR Platform NL took part in sharing experience for AiR organizers from the artist perspective in small workshops sessions.

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Seminar on residencies, MeetFactory, CZ

10-11 March 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic

On invitation of MeetFactory and the Goethe Institute in Prague, TransArtists joined a seminar on residencies focused on current practices in Central and Eastern Europe.

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AiR Platform NL meeting at Luceberthuis

February 29 2016, Bergen, NL

AiR Platform NL organized a network meeting for artist-in-residence organizers, this time at the former atelier of Lucebert in Bergen. The beautiful studio and appartment in the middle of suburban Bergen town, is at the time of our visit, home of photographer Frederique van Rijn

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TransCultural Exchange Conference: Expanding worlds

25-27 February 2016, at the Boston University, Boston, MA, USA.

TransArtists was present during the 2016 TransCultural Conference sharing its expertise on international opportunities for artists. We took part in the opening panel on Residencies and the Internet and led a workshop on artist-in-residence opportunities.

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Tilting Axis 2 - Caribbean Strategies

19-20 February 2016 at the Perez Art Museum Miami, Florida, USA

TransArtists' Marie Fol attended the second meeting of Tilting Axis, focusing (among other) on artists' mobility in the Caribbeans.

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ArtCOP21: global festival of cultural activities on climate change

3 December 2015

On the occasion of the COP21 in Paris, the French and international cultural sectors are coming together in the ArtCOP21 to confirm the central role of culture in ecological transition and sustainable development. In line with our involvement in the Green Art Lab Alliance, we are very proud to say that DutchCulture | TransArtists is taking part in the Professional Workshop  - check out what it's all about!

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Created in China. The artist's experience

3 November 2015

DutchCulture organized the program Created in China. The artist's experience to dive into questions like "How to establish a collaborative relationship with Chinese art institutions and initiatives?" and "How to take part in, and what to expect from Chinese artist-in-residence programs? " Professionals from China, the Netherlands and elsewhere shared experiences and ideas on cultural collaboration in and with Chinese partners, with a special focus on artist-in-residence programs and performing arts.

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Created in China - The artists' experience

23 October 2015

DutchCulture China Desk and TransArtists desk are organising a meeting on working in and with China on 3rd November in Amsterdam. check out the program!

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