Immersive Mobile Konsthall Open call

Immersive Mobile Konsthall Open call

Immersive Mobile Konsthall (iM KONSTHALL) – a project in the making developed by Northern Sustainable Futures (NSF) – is calling for artists working

Immersive Mobile Konsthall (iM KONSTHALL) – a project in the making developed by Northern Sustainable Futures (NSF) – is calling for artists working in immersive technology to create new work for a touring mobile gallery. Residencies of 1-month duration at Moskosel Creative Lab. Each artist is invited to apply to develop innovative work that will be designed specifically for the mobile gallery space. The gallery will tour Norrbotten connecting with the general public. The work needs to consider the themes of ‘re-start’ and ‘re-adapt’ and be immersive in nature.

​At NSF they see ‘re-start’ and ‘re-adapt’ as definitions concerned with how artists approach creating artwork for a post-Covid reality. Some of the questions posed are: how might artists address these terms, how might we adapt to this new reality we find ourselves in, how might we work across different disciplines and how do we adapt artworks to become more inclusive entities using new technology? iM KONSTHALL avoids geographical boundaries by bringing the gallery to the audience.

The organisers are interested to hear how the two main themes might be interpreted by each artist, how this might provoke and inspire new work and encourage new ways for the public to engage with immersive technologies. They are prioritising artists experienced in digital technologies. iM Konsthall is a long-term project so they are keen to hear from artists moving into this sphere that might have something innovative and new to offer for future possibilities.

Applications are evaluated by selected professionals in the fields of digital technologies.

For each residency NSF is offering:

  • Freelance artists fee 35,000SEK.
  • 1-month residency at Moskosel Creative Lab; including accommodation & workshop space.
  • Access to a professional mentor.
  • Group exhibition touring North of Sweden and part of iM KONSTHALL archive.
  • Use of Moskosel's equipment; iM KONSTHALL gallery, VR headsets (Oculus quest 2), drone, projector, speakers, and/or other agreed equipment.

Artist will be expected to:

  • Take part in the 1-month residency at Moskosel Creative Lab.
  • Create a new digital work specifically for the touring mobile gallery.
  • Consent to finished work/ documentation being part of a digital archive, which will be used by NSF in future tours, for library purposes, and for advertising.
  • Arrange all travel and food expenses.

The application is online, with deadline 15 October 2022.

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