Art Explora

Art Explora

Open call for artists and researchers from Cité Internationale des arts, Paris.

The Art Explora Foundation together with Cité internationale des arts co-construct a unique residency program for international artists and researchers. The program invites candidates to propose a project that questions contemporary issues, including new technologies, the links between art and science, and environmental and social issues.

The next residency session will begin in March 2022, deadline for applications is 15 November 2021.

Application conditions
Both programs are open to artists and researchers of all nationalities, with no age limit. Eligible artists are those who can justify a minimum of 5 years of professional activity.

- Eligible artistic disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, digital arts.
- Eligible areas of research: humanities, social sciences, sciences, technological innovation, sustainable development, curating.
- The residency programs are designed to accompany a project in its entirety or only one stage of it.
Two programs: SOLO and DUO

SOLO program: for artists only.
2 sessions of 6 months each per year, each of which will welcome 6 artists (12 artists welcomed each year):
- March - August 2022
- September 2022 -February 2023

DUO program: for collaborations between researchers and artists.
4 sessions of 3 months each per year, each of which will host a duo artist – researcher (4 artists and 4 researchers welcomed each year):
- March - May 2022
- June - August 2022
- September - November 2022
- December 2022 - February 2023

Residency conditions
Each resident will benefit from:
- A 6-month residency for artists in the SOLO program ; a 3-month residency for artists and researchers in the DUO program at the Cité internationale des arts in Montmartre
- A studio apartment of about 50m2 , fully equipped and furnished (shared between the two members of the duo, if applicable)
- A grant of 1,000 euros per month (for each member of the duo, if applicable)
- A production grant of up to 3,000 euros, if needed and according to the specifics of the project (shared between the two members of the duo, if applicable)
- A round trip to Paris covered by the foundation (for each member of the duo, if applicable)

Selection process
20 residents are selected each year. In addition to evaluating the candidate’s professional background, the members of the jury pay particular attention to the quality of the project, its link with the theme of the residency (contemporary issues) and the importance of its location in France for the advancement of the research.

The selection committee is composed of leading figures from the world of art and research and representatives of the Cité internationale des arts and the Art Explora Foundation. Results will be reported in January 2022 for residents staying between March and August 2022 and in April 2022 for residents staying between September 2022 and February 2023.

The Art Explora Foundation
Art Explora is a foundation which deeply believes in the power of culture to create dialogues and to reinforce social cohesion. The foundation is thus committed to bridging cultural gaps in all the projects it undertakes by promoting access to the arts and culture for as many people as possible.

Read more about the foundation and the residency program on the Art Explora website.