Open Call Proyecto'ace: Exploration Residences

Open Call Proyecto'ace: Exploration Residences

Proyecto'ace offers 4-week Exploration Residences for artists, performers, curators or art historians in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

´ace stands for "arte contemporáneo en expansión", which is an acronym in Spanish for "expanding contemporary art". Its main mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices and the exploration of their mutual interfaces through Exploration and Production residencies. ´ace's programs are aimed at artists, curators and researchers and promote collaborative work, exchange, debate and experimentation.  

The Exploration Residences are part of a professional program that assists residents with the research resources and local contacts necessary for their specific projects. Participants receive reviews of their projects by specialized professionals and enrich themselves with the vision of the ´ace team, as well as colleagues-in-residence, during our frequent “Brainstorming” meetings. For their part, SUB30 residents also receive academic tutoring and critiques.

These residencies are aimed to professional and emerging artists/performers, that come from any discipline within the Visual Arts, who can work independently in a visual, sound or performance research. Curators or art historians who want to have a space for reflection and take advantage of our expertises and library (specialized in photography, print and digital media) to research, study or write, while being immersed in an extraordinary and challenging cultural environment.

The Exploration Residences provides 4 weeks artistic “time out” emphasizing the process over the presentation of the results. This format encourages residents to get inspiration from the new experiences achieved through the interaction with other residents and the rich cultural environment that the city of Buenos Aires provides.

There are 4 annual open calls whose deadlines are on January 31th, April 30th, July 31th and October 31th. For more information and how to apply, visit their website