Experiences archive

Experiences archive

We collect stories and reports from artists who are so kind to share their artist-in-residence experiences with YOU.

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The Fifth Season

Artist Frank Bloem about his 3-month staying at artists' residence Het Vijfde Seizoen.

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At the European Ceramic Work Centre

A few weeks has past since my first encounter with the ceramic material, stationed as an artist in residence at the EKWC in s-Hertogenbosch (NL). Borges "Dreamtigers" is frequently present in my mind, as a haven of thought and as a starting point for the works to come. Report by Etta Säfve, October 2009.

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Rachel Peddersen at ARE

I am currently entering my third month of a 3-month residency in eastern Netherlands. Before arriving I had little time to financially prepare and without assistance from the residency host, I was left to my own devices...

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Cécile Wesolowski's Art Journals

Cécile Wesolowski works mainly with video and digital art. Her favourite topics are mass media, pop culture, stage setting, filmed performance and forms of documentation.

Here you can read her personal notes on her residency at AreHolland:

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First-hand residency experiences by writers and translators

Picture: far left: Rashid Novaire - far right: Erik Lindner

Dutch Association of Writers and Translators

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Greatmore Reports

On my first visit to South Africa in 1998 I met Jill Trappler, Garth Erasmus and various other artists and I heard about their plans of starting an international residency programme.

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Artist Residencies: A Report by Shiro Masuyama


My home town (Fujinocho, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Pref) is known as an artistic village and there were some artist-in-residence programs such as "Fieldwork in Fujino" and "Austrian artist house" in which Austrian artists are invited for homestays.

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Dutch Light, Chinese Light

Some notes by Chantal Spit

These notes are inspired by my stay in Xiamen and its environments and by a documentary film, Dutch Light, by Pieter-Rim de Kroon (2003).

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Seoul Reports

Dutch artist Heidi Vogels stays for a three-month residency at SSamzie Space in Seoul. Read here her weekly updated report on her experiences.

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Been Everywhere, Seen Everything

Residencies' report by Rolina Nell from Bulgaria / Georgia / Iran / India / China / Latvia - 2007

For the year of 2007 I allowed the unlimited influence of the outside world on my working process. I planned to travel and paint for a year and work in a number of artist residencies all the way from Eastern Europe through the Middle East and on to Asia. During my overland trip from, and then back to, the Netherlands I made photographs and drawings. These served as inspiration for my work at the artist residencies.

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