VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group on 30/12/2016
about Casa de Velázquez

"Shape"- Embodying Places (VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group)

The field research will be focusing on the following questions:
How to define "Environmental Impromptu Dance"?
What is the possibility of the impromptu dance in the field, and interaction with local people?
What is the relationship between body and field, and what is the influence in the place?

Kirby Wright, MFA on 28/10/2016
about Eckerö Post and Customs house

KIRBY WRIGHT, a Hawaiian Writer

I want to probe our interior terrains and, as an emerging playwright, feel I have a duty to expose the reasons we alienate ourselves. So much of who we are is veiled off from families, friends, and the public, thus denying the very essence of our beings by hiding the true nature of our selves.

Barbara Rink on 26/10/2016
about Santa Fe Art Institute

Artist in Residency at SFAI

My stay at SFAI (sept/okt 2014) has been very productive and career-changing. The residency opportunity came at a time when I was on the brink of choosing a radically different way of approaching my work; going from flat surfaces to making three dimensional installations. During the residency I had the time to explore this new territory and just experiment and play.

Ulric Roldanus on 6/4/2016
about Greatmore Studios

Greatmore Reports, 2008

I arrived on a dark, rainy and windy morning, which was -of course- not the image we foreigners expect from Cape Town. Taking a shared shuttle from the airport to the artist house in Milner street, where nobody was informed or ready for my arrival, seemed a bit rough.

Margriet Westerhof on 6/4/2016
about Instituto Sacatar

Two Months of Magic at the Instituto Sacatar, 2011

The Instituto Sacatar (Bahia, Brazil) is popular with artists, musicians and performers from all over the world. Even though you can see the rapidly expanding city of Salvador from the pier, Itaparica has the laid back atmosphere of a tropical island.

Julian Vadas on 6/4/2016
about ARTCEB International Residency Program

Residency at ArtCEB, Botopasi, Suriname, 2011

Botopasi is a small village deep in the vast expanse of mostly untouched Amazonian rainforest in the interior of Suriname, South America. Populated by the friendly Saramaccan people, Botopasi is a special location. It is extremely remote. We had to travel several hours by boat to reach the village from the last stop of the roadway (although small airplanes do service Botopasi).

Libby Hart on 6/4/2016
about Cill Rialaig Project

Libby Hart at The Cill Rialaig Project, 2012