Cate Woodruff
Art practice 

I photograph light reflection, using homemade lenses to create works of colorful abstract photography.

Highlights and challenges 

There were many, many highlights during this residency. Meeting and getting to know the incredibly warm, enthusiastic gallery owners Paola and Andrea. Paola is a talented architect and introduced me to collectors and friends who were not only interested in my work, but fun to be around. Gallery pma created a beautiful exhibit with my work and a spectacular opening with the photographs I brought. The PR was great. They arranged newspaper and radio interviews (with translator), sent mailings, made posters and a catalogue of my exhibit.
The air-conditioned gallery is beautiful and the sleeping loft and kitchenette in the back make it a very comfortable place to work and stay. The gallery opens at night because during the day everyone is at the beach. So, the daytime was a great time to swim, explore Sardinia, or to work on photographs.

Expectations vs. experience 

I have never seen a sky so blue. The light is amazing. During my three week stay, I really did not expect to fall in love with and find such happiness in Sardinia. It has been a profound experience for me creatively, physically and emotionally. There is openness, interest, curiosity,and a generosity of spirit in the people of Cagliari that is very special. I didn't expect to be taken on fabulous tours of the island or to eat and drink for hours under the stars with a group of new friends. I didn't expect that my experience would evolve into gallery representation with Gallery pma.


I made hundreds of works while in Cagliari and will be bringing the new work back. I hope to have a life-long relationship with Gallery pma and to spend part of every year in Sardinia.


Gallery pma has the interest and ability to exhibit work beautifully and is very supportive of artistic practice. I checked large works on the plane as baggage rolled in a traveling suitcase art tube and took smaller works in a case on the plane with me. The tube was oversized baggage so I paid a fee. The price depends on the airline but it is cheaper to do it online in the golf-club category than it is at the airport. Having the work on the gallery walls while making new work allowed people to know and respond to my work and created an interest in what I was making. I sold three works in the exhibit. The sales helped with the cost of airfare, food and the small fee I paid for housing. The town is charming. The food is fantastic, especially the seafood. Sardinia's cultural heritage is awe inspiring. The beaches are paradise. It is all a dream come true for me.