Kirby Wright, MFA
Art practice 

I write poetry, creative nonfiction, and plays. My second play opens in New York on November 4th, 2016.

Highlights and challenges 

I want to probe our interior terrains and, as an emerging playwright, feel I have a duty to expose the reasons we alienate ourselves. So much of who we are is veiled off from families, friends, and the public, thus denying the very essence of our beings by hiding the true nature of our selves. I want this to change, to help people quest to find out who they are and who really cares about them.

Expectations vs. experience 

My Expectations were I'd arrive in a rural setting on the SW edge of the Finnish Archipelago and the Customs House was all that and more. The granite coastline combined with the Indian Summer weather made for great walks from the Customs House north to the various bayfront resorts, and I am presently writing flash and poetry about my adventures. My advice to future residents is you need to figure in a budget for a car, at least for part of your visit. The nearest store in 10 miles back toward Mariehamn and the only transportation provided is a 2-speed bike.


My plans were realistic because I had budgeted money for a rental car, plus I had figured in a bit more for a cruise to Stockholm from Mariehamn. Don't worry, it wasn't expensive. I only paid $25 to hop the cruise and hang out on the top deck for the 5-hour ride to Sweden.


This was such an important residency for me because it gave me new material to write about. It also provided a relaxing environment in which to create. Pound for pound, it has been the BEST RESIDENCY I've ever been a part of, and I've been to 5 so far. Check out my video, which says it all: