TUO TUO, Finland I-XII Seasonal Open Call 2021-22

TUO TUO, Finland I-XII Seasonal Open Call 2021-22

The current open call from TUO TUO is designed to tailor the residency program to the energy of the seasons. The idea is to increase the value of the program by responding to how the space, surroundings and encounters with the public change throughout the year. The seasonal approach is designed to maximize synergy and sustainability, and in that way better serve the needs of the residents and local community. Considerations for this structure include: seasonal events, the community’s social habits, plant growth cycles, weather, light, personal energy cycles and more.

SUMMER (May–July): Open to herbalists, bakers, chefs, sculptors, textile artists, ceramic artists, woodworkers, and other artists who specialize in handicrafts/ artisan wares. Artist fee: 500€/ month.

  • Kesäkahvila (Cafe) & Terrace is open and available for takeover/ collaboration
  • Tori (Market) on Saturday is a great place to sell furniture, baked and handmade wares
  • Life is in full bloom: foraging, butterflies, bees, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, swimming, cycling, hiking and outdoor events

AUTUMN (August–October): Open to performance artists, musicians and sound artists, pedagogy, community artists, teachers, organizers, filmmakers. Artist fee: 350€/ month .

  • Indoor events: screenings, intimate concert experiences, workshops, readings groups, kid-friendly activities
  • Partnerships with the local kino, library and community center are all possible
  • A time for gathering, sharing and celebrating before slowing down

WINTER (November–January): Open to everyone! Artist fee: 300€/ month.

  • Darkness, silence, sauna and winter swimming
  • Journaling, meditation, yoga and spiritual alignment and other wellness practices
  • Digital detox

SPRING (February–April): Open to poets, writers, organizers, ornithologists, researchers, students, anyone planning new projects and ideas for the year ahead. Artist fee: 350€/ month.

  • Planting seeds and paying attention to nature’s steady reawakening
  • Writing a thesis, proposal or preparing for an upcoming project
  • Refreshing your artistic practice, breaking old habits and developing new routines

The deadline for applying is January 15, 2021. Simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject line OPEN CALL [First Name] [Last Name], including the following (Finnish or English):

  • Name, CV or portfolio or website, etc.
  • If you are interested in a specific season, please communicate which one/ why
  • How you plan to travel to TUO TUO/ how long you would want to stay (1-3 months)
  • A brief description of your plans or how you would be interested in spending your time in residence
  • A brief description of any specific tools/ materials you require

A note about COVID19: The organisers acknowledge how challenging it is to plan international residencies amid the fluctuating restrictions and uncertainty. While Summer 2021 is likely a suitable period for Finland-based artists, in general, they want to stay as inclusive as possible and to encourage residents to travel in climate-friendly ways. While they cannot assist with travel costs, they can help to point you in the direction of resources: mobility grants and slow-travel stipends. It is important to note that their facilities are spacious enough to accommodate for social-distancing and safe cohabitation; they will develop contingency plans for artists whose plans rely heavily on public engagement.



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