TransArtists Workshop in the House

TransArtists Workshop in the House

Trans Artists workshop in the house on Friday June 24, 2011, offered a special focus on residences and funding opportunities in Spain, and residences around the corner in the Netherlands and Flanders. Our guest speakers were Kristien van den Oever from AGA, Amsterdam, Alexandra Navratil, Swiss artist based in Amsterdam, Marta Gracia and Anna Urdániz from Art Motile, Barcelona and Heidi Vogels (Trans Artists), coordinator of AiR Platform NL.

The workshop also informed about the international field of residences and questions like: How to find the right program that fits with your interests? How to apply? How to find funding? With a group of dedicated participants, the workshop prooved to be an effective opportunity to meet and exchange information and experiences between the artists, the guest speakers and the TransArtists team.

AGA is a graphic workplace in the heart of Amsterdam (Jordaan). AGA offers a wide range of technical fascilities to (graphic) artists to produce new work and projects and they offer a residency program.

Alexandra Navratil is a Swiss artist based in Amsterdam. She participated in residency programs in Barcelona, Dublin and New York.

Art Motile was established in 2009 and is a platform providing information and resources about Spanish artist in residence programs.

Air Platform NL is a section of the TransArtists desk that gives up-to-date information about residential spaces in guest studios in the Netherlands and Flanders.