Summer residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop

Summer residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop

Scottish Sculpture Workshop is pleased to invite applications for the 2020 Summer Residency programme. Coming together on residency at SSW, artists live and work on site and have daily access to the facilities coupled with support from the team. SSW aims to foster conditions for conversation, peer exchange and experimental making across a diverse range of processes and practices both those associated with contemporary sculpture and beyond. The Summer Residency programme is for artists wishing to spend a month working on the development of their practice – whether this is for production, research or experimentation. The programme runs between June and September, with each group residency lasting four weeks.

In each Summer Residency SSW welcomes five or six artists, who are there alongside project artists and Open Access participants. Whilst being focused on self-directed practice, the Summer Residency follows a loose structure of group work including activities to encourage exchange between residents and artist led activity; introductory group breakfasts and talks/exercises to share your work, studio sharings, communal dinners, collective walks, film and sauna nights. Residents are given the freedom to work in an open environment, and to develop dialogues with both peers and staff.

Residency costs are highly subsidised by SSW but artists pay £560 per 4 week residency. There are three Emerging Artist* places allocated on the Summer Residency, which are further subsidised and cost £370. Residency costs include shared self-catering accommodation, access to all SSW facilities, technical guidance and curatorial support. Materials, consumables and process-related costs are additional and will be charged based on usage following the residency period.

Deadline for applying is 2nd March 2020. They welcome applications from artists of all disciplines and practices. There are spaces for five or six artists per residency month. Applications should outline a clear reason for attending SSW, demonstrating an understanding and response to the location, critical programme and/or facilities. They warmly welcome international and collaborative applications. Artists are advised to apply online using the application form on the SSW website.

* Emerging Artists are stipulated as: Current BA and MA Students /or BA and MA graduates within two years of leaving studies.

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