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InterArtive.org: Many articles about (international) residencies in the InterArtive special issue on Art & Mobility. Overview of content here.

ChinaResidencies.com: artists' and residencies' profiles on the residency platform dedicated to China, with extra information and news about funding and Chinese art scene linked to residencies. Overview of news here.

randian 燃点: Launched in 2010, randian 燃点 seeks to promote independent cultural debate in China and to foster intellectual exchange between China and the rest of the world. This means independent commentary on art, artists, exhibitions and galleries, as well as video, architecture and design. Among other events, news and opinions, you can find information about projects realized in residency. Access it here.

Residency Unlimited Dialogues: RU's resource conceived as an online critical and theoretical platform to collect information and sharing of knowledge about the evolving field of art residency. RU is also providing an ongoing platform for the project Lanchonete. Have a look to the dialogues and Lanchonete here.

Culture360 Magazine: Get in-depth perspectives through articles and interviews about arts and culture in Asia and Europe in the magazine of Culture360.org. You need to look through the content to find news about residencies. Direct access here.

Artists and burnout

We recomment to read the article published on ArtsHub (Australia) by Madeleine Dore in October 2015: "Why we are burning out in the arts". It is not per se directly relating to residencies, but we feel it is important to highlight this issue in the art world.

Spotted: artist residency in the news

Spotted: artist residency in the news

What's up with artists and residencies in the world ?

DutchCulture | TransArtists provides you with an overview of articles from general and specialized newspapers in which residencies appear. Sometimes residencies are at the core of the articles, sometimes it is about the projects artists are developing or have developed in a residency.

January 14, 2016, NRC

Ruimtes voord kunstexperiment verdwijnen, by Daan van Lent and Sandra Smallenburg

In short: an introduction to the changes in the Dutch cultural and artistic infrastructure that results in the disappearance of spaces for experimentation. The focus is on the exhibition spaces - but many of them also host residency programs in the Netherlands.

October 27, 2015, The New Yorker

Learn by Painting, by Louis Menand

In short: A presentation of the Black Mountain College and its philosophy - on the occasion of the exhibition "Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College, 1933–1957" at ICA Boston.

September 30, 2015

Q&A with Fermilab’s first artist-in-residence

In short: Lindsay Olson tells Chris Patrick from Symmetry about a year of creating art inspired by particle physics.

September 23, 2015, New York Times Magazine

Far Away from Here, by Teju Cole

In short: Photographer and writer Teju Cole was invited by Literaturhaus Zurich for a residency - he shares his experience in the NYT Magazine.

22 July 2015, KQED Arts

Arts Residency Programs: The secret engine of the Bay Area Arts Scene, by Andrew Gilbert

In short: Protected spaces, focus on artists' needs, sharing meals, collaboration and inspiration: an introduction to Djerassi Resident Artists Program​, Montalvo Arts Center​ and Headlands Center for the Arts​.

20 July 2015, Hyperallergic

The Story of Reviving a Community Art Center in Battambang, Cambodia, by Ben Valentine

In short: About the initiative and set up of Sammaki art center and residency - an artist-run space in Battambang, Cambodia. About the role foreign artists can have in a local community.

12 July 2015, El Pais (in Spanish only)

Así son las mejores residencias de artistas de España, by Almudena Ávalos

In short: El Pais introduces some of Spain's "finest art residencies", including Hangar (Barcelona), AADK Spain (Murcia), Casa de Velazquez (Madrid), MAC (A Coruna), La Fragua (Cordoba),...

9 July 2015, Harvard Magazine

The Art of Healing, by Zara Zhang

In brief: Why does an hospital need a writer-in-residence ? Some answers in this article about the Harvard Medical School Arts and Humanities' programme.


3 July 2015, Mashable

7 things I've learned as an Amtrak 'writer in residence', by Chris Taylor

In brief: lessons learned mid way through Chris Taylor's writer-in-residence journey (journey being Bay Area -> Denver -> Chicago -> New York City -> Atlanta -> New Orleans -> Houston -> Bay Area).

20 June 2015, Het Financieele Dagblad

De ongekende mogelijkheden van keramiek, by Sandra Jongenelen (in Dutch)

In short: about the entrepreneurship of EKWC, the European Ceramic Work Center which lost its structural funding (of the Basic Infrastructure of the Arts) in 2013 and had to find a new path.

3 June 2015, artnet in brief

Davidoff Launches New Residency Program for Caribbean Artists in Basel, by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

In short: Presentation of the Davidoff Art Initiative and its developments over the past years. DAI has been actively promoting Caribbean artists in providing them with funding for residencies abroad, at Red Gate Gallery (China), ISCP (USA), Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Germany) and now Atelier Mondial (Switzerland).

On artnet, you can also read an interview with Albertine Kopp, manager of the Davidoff Art Initiative (13 June 2014).

15 May 2015, The Art Newspaper

Artists take residence in Time Square, by Julia Halperin

In short: NY-based artists have now the opportunity to realise a residency located on Times Square - organised by the Times Square Alliance: "The year-long programme, which begins in June (2015), invites four local artists or collectives to work for three months each in the heart of Times Square. Residents will operate out of an office donated by a local business and receive a $5,000 stipend plus $1,500 for materials. They are encouraged to take on projects that engage Times Square’s nearly 450,000 daily visitors."

15 May 2015, The Art Newspaper

Why the Big Apple still lures French artists, by Victoria Stapley-Brown and Sarah Belmont

In short: Many French artists are (still) going to New York, often in the framework of residency programmes (for instance: Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation for Contemporary Art 6-month residency for Francophone artist at ISCP)

13 April 2015, The Independent

Jingdezhen, China: The birthplace of a nation and its 'white gold'

In brief: Journalist Barielle Jaffe writes about her travels to Jingdezhen, where she visited artist residencies the Pottery Workshop and Sanbao ceramic.

Thanks to China Residencies for the link!

12 April 2015, Amsterdam FM

Boukje Cnossen: "Steeds meer commerciële legitimering gezocht voor broedplaatsen"

In brief: Podcast about the broedplaatsen (Dutch for incubators) and their search for legitimation.

Thanks to the Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum for the link!

10 April 2015, The Guardian

BBC Radio 2 to recruit artist in residence as part of plan to boost arts

In brief: a new residency programme opens at BBC Radio 2.


8 April 2015, Nawaat

Tunisie : Quand l’espace culturel est déserté au profit de l’obscurantisme

In brief: artist's studio as artist residency.


6 April 2015, South California Public Radio (89.3 KPCC)

Artists in residence give high-tech projects a human touch

In brief: artist in residence in tech companies (Autodesk, Xerox PARC, Facebook...) opening up imagination of enterprises.


April 2015, Beaux Arts Magazine

"Des artistes invités à tester l'apesanteur" (p.14)

In brief: Since 2000, the CNES (French center for spatial studies) has an Art-Science laboratory hosting artists and writers in residence.


24 March 2015, artnet news

artnet Asks: Aida Mahmudova, Director of YARAT Contemporary Art Space in Baku, interview by Daria Daniel

In short: an interview with YARAT director. YARAT is a contemporary Art Space in Baku, Azerbaijan, which also includes an international residency programme.


3 February 2015, Hyperallergic

Cyberfeminists Go Deep on Big Data, Privacy, and Surveillance

In brief: Article about the Deep Lab, residency project organized by Addie Wagenknecht at the Studio for Creative Inquiry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


26 January 2015, Gizmodo

CERN Wants Artists and Architects Working Alongside Its Physicists

In brief: Presentation of the residency programmes of the CERN institute.


22 January 2015, New York Times

When the Art Isn’t on the Walls. Dance Finds a Home in Museums

In brief: About live performance in museum, with examples of dancers in residence at the New Museum, New York.


30 December 2014, artnet news

Senegal to Host First Artist Residency in Rural Africa, by Henri Neuendorf

In short: a new residency called THREAD has been set up in rural Senegal by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. It opened in March 2015 - and you can read more about it also in the Wall Street Journal (Senegal's Cutting-Edge Artists' Residency, by Ian Volner, 5 March 2015)

17 July 2014, New York Times

The Writers' Retreat, by Grant Snider

In brief: one ‘Incidental Comics’ of Grant Snider picture the "writer residency": emergency idea generator, braistorm rotunda, aspiration tower, etc...


24 June 2014, art:i:curate journal

Interview with Brian Wallace

In brief: interview with the director of the Red Gate Gallery and Residency in Beijing, China.


23 June 2014, Culture360 Magazine

Cultural Mobility Series II | Interview with Marta Gracia | Art Motile

In brief: interview with Art Motile founder and director about resources available for Spanish artist in residency programmes.


13 June 2014, artnet

artnet Asks: Davidoff Art Initiative's Albertine Kopp

In brief: About the activities of Davidoff art initiative, that supports Caribbean artists, among others through the Davidoff Art Residency.


1 April 2014, The Guardian

DIY residencies: a career in the arts on your own terms, by Lisa Niedermeyer

In short: new models of residencies are being tried out by artists, from crowdfunding to very-short (24 or 48h) residencies...


February - March 2014, RektoVerso

De creatieve klasse als vreemdelingenlegioen

In brief: About new developments in Amsterdam and the "broedplaatsen".


7 November 2013, The Conversation

Banksy’s New York City – inside ‘a world made of art’

In brief: a short essay about Banksy's month-long 'residency' in New York City in 2013, by Alison Young, Professor at University of Melbourne.


3 July 2013, The Guardian

Artist-in-residence schemes: top tips

In brief: Live Chat on the Guardian Culture Professional Network with residency organisers and artists.

May 2013, Magazyn

Gathered for Zembrano (in Polish)

In brief: Where did hungry for new experiences dancers from around the world went during one weekend in May ? Burdąg ... Tiny village in polish Mazury in early May turned into a multikulti workshop. What attracted them there ?

14 February 2013, Culture360.org Magazine

Beppu’s convivial creative spirit | artists’ projects in southern Japan

In brief: An introduction to Beppu Project and the Kashima Artist Residency, started in 2008.


12 November 2012, Culture360.org Magazine

Looking for lost diamonds in Antwerp | a residency project

In brief: Artist collective Llobet & Pons talk to Culture360 about their project realised during a residency at Lokaal01 (Antwerp, Belgium).


26 January 2012, The Guardian

Umberto Eco: 'It's culture, not war, that cements European identity'

In brief: Not directly about artists' residency, but a great approach to culture, mobility, identity with the "idea of (...) introducing Erasmus [mobility programme] for craftsmen and professionals".

17 August 2011, Hyperallergic

Artist Residencies in the Developing World, by Claire Breukel

In short: Spotlight on residencies in Jamaica and Nairobi