Snapshot on performing arts residencies

Snapshot on performing arts residencies

In May 2014, we took part in the IETM Asia Satellite Meeting in Melbourne (Australia) to discuss how performing artists should consider taking part in residency programmes worldwide, as more and more residencies offer opportunities in these disciplines (it was during the "Info Cell on Residencies"). Residencies for performing artists can be either focused on the specific needs of dancers, musicians, performers, theater professionals.. or can offer cross-disciplinary programmes.

On the Move recently published an article on the Korean platform for performing arts The Apro, that we urge you to read. The article aims to highlight some common resources and tips on how to identify Artist in Residency programmes, with a focus on Europe, and how to interpret residencies in a different way, while still connecting it to the performing arts’ sector.

Here is the direct link to the article:

Questions about this topic ? Contact Marie Fol, who took part in the IETM meeting. Also, check out our dedicated article for Musicians.

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